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349 thoughts on “RONALDO’S LAST WORLD CUP BEGINS!! – FIFA 20 Portugal Career Mode EP1”

  1. First 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😙😙😙😙🥰🥰😚😝😚🥰😚😛

  2. You are a Legend Mate Thank You Very Much please put Icons in FIFA 21 Career Mode please

  3. Ronaldo 88rating wow but atleast his still playing and it not actually bad but he usually over 90 rating but 37 years old

  4. pcq- what do you think about the Lautaro Martinez and Neymar transfer saga which Barca are undertaking. Do you think Neymar is the worth the money at 28 ?

  5. You are going to win the world cup too. Its too predictable. You might as well just skip to the final. Its boring seeing you win every cup you play for. Try career modes with second division teams

  6. I do something very horrible every time I do an international career mode. So every time there is an international break and every time a player in my international squad is in a team I am about to face I always make them get injured. I am not proud of myself

  7. Pcq: play a 4231 with ronaldo up top and felix in cam and guedes in rm and silva in lm and bruno and neves as your cm

  8. Plz can u give the Portugal players realistic kit numbers coz Guedes is 33 and Bruno is 27 and that is not that realistic ( like so sid can see )

  9. Pcq: Plz do a Arsenal careermode because in the end of the Arsenal career mode in FIFA 19 you promized to do a Arsenal career mode in FIFA 20

  10. PCQ: would you ever consider using the 3-4-3 formation as it doesnt need any full backs and you can play ronaldo at LW felix at ST and Silva at RW

  11. PCQ : Why don’t you choose Borussia Dortmund in Manager Career Mode ? I think Bundesliga has some good opponents in the title race , I hope you will …

    And I hope you will change the kit numbers of Portugal Squad. World Cup is allowed 23 kit is the limit.

  12. PCQ: Can you fix the numbers like bruno fernandes wears 27 give Him Number 8 and guedes has 33 you should give him 11 or 14 – please like so S2G can see

  13. Pcq:What is gonna be the posistion of your new my player after this short series? I hope like a midfielder to be a bit fun o defend and attack at the same time like your controlling the game

  14. PCQ: It would good if you can use 4-4-2 diamond squad pattern? This way Bruno can play as a proper CAM while Neves can play as a CDM as he can play in that position.

  15. You know about the cheat engine and upgrading the players , I think you should keep it fair and not upgrade the players .. Or else it would be too obvious for the team to win the FIFA WC . Make it realistic bruv

  16. S2G: I’m gonna go top right
    *Shoots at Onana*

    But seriously I read the comments bro, everyone ALWAYS tells you…TOP CORNER, you always shoot for the bottom, you’re gonna miss them but you’ll score more if you try for the corners

  17. pcq: why don’t do borussia Dortmund career mode because playing with haaland and co will very much fun

  18. Just came from the ultimate team career mode today was just a s2g career mode day love the content

  19. Pcq: the formation that you should use is the 4-1-2-1-2 the second one. Then play neves on cdm, guedes left cm, Bernardo Silva right cm and Bruno fernandes cam

  20. ur like that one kid who is adamant about one toy like come on just go top corner we’ve said you 369 times

  21. PCQ: go as far top corner and use light power it goes in every time especially with ronaldos pens rating

  22. I swear, as soon as Ronaldo is up for player of the episode, he wins despite how badly he did this episode

  23. Go Top Corners You’re going Bottom Everytime and The 2nd Time you have Gone Straight to the Top That didn’t even made any problem for the Goalkeeper
    Like that S2G Can See

  24. Use a 4-1-3-2 formation GK Lopez LB Semado CB Vezo CB Dias RB Cancelo CM Neves LW Jota CAM Fernandez RW Sliva ST Ronaldo

  25. PCQ: It is kind of unrealistic to have Gelsin Martins in the World Cup after he received a ban from FIFA.

  26. PCQ:As ronaldo has 80 pace, you could play him CF and feliz ST, and when the 80th minute comes you should let Leao in bucause his pace is insanely superior to Ronaldos!

  27. No Belgium??!?!?!?!
    (Also fix the kit numbers.)
    (Also Also aim at the top corners at pens and it will go in every time.)

  28. Use the 3-5-2 as you don’t need a LB or a RB and the wingers push up and down the pitch and you can use semedo as a CB

  29. Pcq: you should have done a 4th season with man u try and win the quinteple. Put a poll on the community to see who wants a 4th season pls we wanna see innocent, Davies and breno develop fully

  30. PCQ: Fir penalties, put more power on your shot and aim top corner. It makes it difficult for the goalie to save it

  31. Why don’t you play with a low team in the premier league or start in championship after the Portugal career mode ,It has to be a challenge and interesting

  32. Jarrad scores penalties easily….. how come it’s the toughest thing for u to pull off successfully as a fifa player lmao….

  33. I’m from Cameroon and I don’t like the fact that you beat them by 4 goals. How about you consider doing a series with an African team after the My Player series?

  34. s2g, u aimed at top corner but completely messed up the pen. You changed it to the middle last second

  35. which team are you going to play in my player and what position are you gonna play.i like to see a goalkeeper or winger

  36. Even i play better than you put the penalty top right not in goalkeper face. And why do you change the direction. I think you are worst ever fifa youtuber.

  37. Didn’t you think about Ronaldo retiring after the group stage because that happened with me for Zlatan and piczecek

  38. Pcq I love your content I always comment on your video but you never bring me in the video hope you will bring me now love your content can from nepal❤❤❤❤❤❤

  39. Ronaldo: ST
    Goals: 3
    Chances Created: 0
    Passes: 2
    Games: 2
    Goals/Game: 3/2
    Chances Created/Game: 0
    Passes/Game: 1
    Total Rating: 5/2
    Nelson Semedo: RB
    Chances Created: 0
    Passes: 4
    Successful Tackles: 4
    Games: 2
    Chances Created/Game: 0
    Passes/Game: 2
    Successful Tackles/Game: 2
    Total Rating: 4
    Player of the Episode: Nelson Semedo

  40. Pcq: use the 41212 (2) its a good Formation and since you arent simulating you can use wingers of position

  41. Improve on your penalties and make bruno fernandes as the penalty taker because i heard hes great at penalties or choose joao felix maybe.

  42. pqp: You should’ve signed some portuguese players in your united career mode. Defenders would’ve been good to sign so they can upgrade at united you can enter the world cup with a good defense (since your defense is your weak point in the squad)

  43. PCQ: why not do a become a legend if you want to do a my player career. It has more cut scenes and is more smooth

  44. you can use 4 2 3 1 ,Ronaldo is perfect for striker, Felix should be play at AMF because in real life he is a second striker, Guedes will be LW and Bernando RW. Fernandes and neves perfect for CMF, you remember when you play fernandes in man utd as a CMF in your formations is the perfectly for him to dybala play in AMF

  45. PCQ: They never made the draws in the World Cup, because you were first in the Group G, you will actually the team who finished second in Group H and the other way around (1st in Group H vs 2nd in Group G), it will do the same thing with Group A and Group B, Group C and Group D, Group E and Group F

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