SAVING the Career of a FAILED WONDERKID! (Zakaria Bakkali) FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenge

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SAVING the Career of a FAILED WONDERKID! (Zakaria Bakkali) FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenge

Every year in football there are a crop of players who are built up to be the next superstar of the game. They’re linked with all the big clubs and develop an aura of hype; unparallel to anything else you’ll see in sports. Some live up to the hype, but others fail due to one reason or another and become a what if and a distant memory. Is it too late to stop someone from becoming a distant memory? That’s what today’s FIFA Career Mode challenge will explore. At age 23 Belgian footballer Zakaria Bakkali is at a critical stage of his career. No longer a wonderkid, but still a young man with time on his side.In FIFA 14 whilst playing at PSV he had a potential of 90 overall; is it too late for him to reach this potential? Let’s find out!

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311 thoughts on “SAVING the Career of a FAILED WONDERKID! (Zakaria Bakkali) FIFA 20 Career Mode Challenge”

  1. Day two of asking the rebuild king to rebuild ucd afc the worst team in fifa like if u want to see this

  2. Do zikovic if that’s spelt right from fifa 15 at ajax striker
    Edit:dont know where he is now though sorry

  3. Maybe Hachim Mastour. I know you need to make him, but I’m curious what can you do with him😀 His base overall and potential can be his latest

  4. This is such an annoying problem with fifa where the potential increases and yet the player never gets close to that potential in their ratings.

  5. Should make this into a full series. Would be interesting to see what you can do with players like pierra, jesse lingard, Oscar, brandon barker etc

  6. You could try to make a rebuild out of all the players you use in this series. Great video as usual Jarrad!

  7. Please Jarrad, could you do an Fcsb (Steaua) rebuild, they have more trophies than Tottenham, especially Champions League trophies. Fcsb has won the Champions League in 1986 at Sevilla against Barcelona at pens, and now they sucks, they lost the Steaua identity, their last performance was the 2013/14 group-stages, now they struggling to qualify into the europa league group-stages (they have the most europa league participations in Romania), and they needs an big coach who makes big performances like Laurențiu Reghecampf (their last big coach).

  8. I would like to see Kapustka Leicester City left middlefielder , at the beginning of FIFA 17 he had 71 ovl and 83 potential, and now he have 70 ovl and 77 potential. He also have a gameface.

  9. 30 year old player: Scores 50 goals in a season
    Fifa: that’s -3 on your rating then
    Player: What?
    Fifa: Well you’re 30 mate sorry

    • 20 seasons later:
      The 30-year-old (now 50) player: *Scores 9.9e+99999999999999999999999999 goals*
      FIFA: – 68 on your rating.
      Player: But that’d make me -7358923657 rated! That is unfair!
      FIFA: You are 50, and even a donkey is better at football than you right now.

    • And that is why I liked the old FIFAs, the ones where even the oldest of players can grow in OVR if they had a good season. Also, I had a friend that had his 33 year old James Milner go up by 1 rating. FIFA is unpredictable I guess…

    • Fifa: -3
      Player: wait what?! I’ve scored 100
      Fifa: you’re 30 mate
      Player: that’s bull…
      Fifa: -10 makes more sense
      Player: bu
      Fifa: -50 and hands in transfer, causes squad unrest and sacks manager

      Player: ….. sorry ea

  10. Please rebuild Stevenage! They were bottom of League 2 when the season was called off so this may be your last chance

  11. If you do this again. Try putting them into training so their overall is closer to the new potential

  12. Do alen halilovic next, i also would say jesse lingard but he’s still a wonderkid with years on his side xD

  13. You should train the lad, maybe that would help building his rating up… But also, that would be one hell of an experiment to complete

  14. Love the idea Jarrad, rebuild Charly Musonda, he used to have like 89 potencial and now he has 83 i think

  15. I used to do a player career mode rebuild series where i rebuilt the careers of player such as Jesse lingard, alvaro morata, shkodran mustafi, loris karius and i think that you should you the same jarrad

  16. im from brazil and i watch fifa youtubers from many countries but i gotta say you are by far my favourite

  17. These types of videos are great please make one for someone like renato sanchez or you could do one where you do retro career mode and save someone like bojan or ben afra

  18. Do a rebuild but u can only buy players in the first 2 seasons and then u have to only use the youth academy

  19. Hey Jarad, love the videos, would love to see you take a youth academe player Possibly a low one with high potential like a 47 overall and trying to get them to full potential 90+ Maybe a entire team and do a RTG! Or a Rebuild all built around former career mode stars👍🏼

  20. Maybe check his potential at the end of that last season? It may have recalibrated back to something closer to the original 73?

    Try with a 16-18yr old, who has a potential of 73 in the 1st season. See if the extra years available make a difference in how high their ovr gets.
    If it rapidly drops at 30 again, then we know it’s that EA hates 30yr old, and older, footballers.

  21. The way I would have done it is put a super star team on Anderlecht consisting of icons and only having players that don’t play in the LM spot and just leave Bakkali there

  22. Jarrad, I think your should look at your mic settings, you’re peaking when you get really excited and it’s hard on the ears.

  23. do this again but with Luke Shaw

    he went to Man United for £30 mill
    it started well and then in his second season he broke his leg against PSV in the Champions League and hasn’t really been the same sincet

  24. Do Charly Mousonda JR next, was tipped for big things at Chelsea but has struggled mainly due to injury, think he’s got 78 or 80 potential now.

  25. Smh he was only hyped because of his stats on fifa you guys will never learn. You people always rate players on videogames instead of football matches lmao.
    Same as fucking sterling lol

  26. I would LOVE to see you do this again, but with Charly Musonda in Chelsea or Halilovic in SC Heerenveen. Some other players could be Iheanacho (Leicester), Emre Mor(Olympiakos), Danilo(OGC Nice), Basoer(Vitesse)

  27. The dynamic potential works in conjunction with training. Playing games aswell helps. The attributes grow quicker.

  28. massive fan off the career modes love the vids keeps me happy through this bad time keep up the good work

  29. Jarrad can you please rebuild psv you never done that so far and they have a bad season andyou have done in fifa 18 Feyenoord fifa 19 Ajax maybe Fifa 20 PSV i hope so

  30. Jarrad, try to revive Riechedly Bazoer’s career. On fifa 16 he was an 18 year old with an overall of 75 and a potential of 88 playing for Ajax, however now he is 22 with an overall of 73 and a potential of 78. Iheanacho was a big prospect a few years ago but now only had an overall of 74 and a potential of 78. And lastly I remember signing Mauricio Lemos for my career mode a few years ago and him becoming a beast ! With 88 potential However he is now only 70 rated with a potential of 74. Loving the vids man keep it up !

  31. Fix Show’s career. Was once the most promising player in Angola ever, but is now slugging it for Belenenses in Liga nos

  32. what you should do for future ones is go into a game, change the difficulty to beginner and score like 40 goals

  33. I bought him in fifa 14 in Real Madrid, at season 4th he was starting 11, 88 Overall, 14 goals scored, 10 assists, then sold him to Man City, he retired at 36, at 85 overall.

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