SEASON FINALE! Can We Win The Double?! – FIFA 22 Liverpool Career Mode #12

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SEASON FINALE! Can We Win The Double?! – FIFA 22 Liverpool Career Mode #12


SEASON FINALE! Epic Champions League Final! – FIFA 22 Liverpool Career Mode #12

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154 thoughts on “SEASON FINALE! Can We Win The Double?! – FIFA 22 Liverpool Career Mode #12”

  1. Cani I think you should do a barcelona career mode next, basically bring back barcelona to their glory days, and revive them

  2. Hey Cani i’ve been watching u since FIFA 18 or 19 idk, but i just wanna say u are such a good YouTuber, and when will u be doing Coach To Glory?

  3. Cani the reason you concede so many goals in fifa 22 is that you always use the second def system or you can say 2 defenders to defend a single player So the player the 2nd player is marking is left open and they pass it into them so you concede. Like so cani can see

  4. Hey Cani. If that Champions League final went to pens. You wouldn’t have had Mane or Lewa for the pens and that wouldn’t have been pretty. Like so Cani can see

  5. Good decision to end it here, you can always come back to this one. Would love to see a create a club or a rtg with another German side or maybe an English league 2 side?

  6. Bro it’s impossible to run around the defense that easy 😂😂😂 Cani obviously brought down the difficultly, he has never had average 5 goal games, end of the season is a scam.

    • I play on ultimate and it’s actually possible with Salah and Mané. I’ve seen Daka do it against me and I’m scared to play PSG

  7. Do a Brentford career mode since they’re doing really well in real life and it’s gets a bit boring with a really good team

  8. This is the 2018/2019 season all over again, liverpool miss out on the premier league title to city, then go on to face an english side in the UCL final and win it, with Salah on the score sheet 🤔

  9. If you want to make create a club special consider creating yourself as a player and becoming a free agent Cani! This way your first season you can be bought for free and stay with your team through the years. Not only that you can add some other created players on your team from the start to make it interesting. Like so cani can see!!!

  10. Cani i think after done Liverpool career mode can u coach Marseille France, Barcelona Spain, Dortmund Germany and Napoli Italy

  11. Cani sprint to glory UK and in youth academy if they are able to be promoted do it and then develop plan them because they will leave the club as I was watching the Sheffield fc sprint to glory also love the content

  12. brother whats the point of that goal line replay?? lol why show it on the line when the ball still travels 20 centimetres behind it?

  13. Hey Cani in my LFC career in Fifa 21 i Play 4-2-3-1 formation. I put Mane as ST and Salah as CAM. Jota and Raphinha fromage leeds are my wingers. Then Henderson is my backup CDM. Maybe you should try it. Lewandowski is Old and will drop so you will need to sell him. Making this changes will make your squad faster. To The Reserves team i bought Young talents: sima (i made him a ST) and adeyemi (made him a RW). I also bough ndidi for matip and made him a CB

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