Sidemen FC vs. YouTube All-Stars! – FIFA 20 Career Mode

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Sidemen FC vs. YouTube All-Stars! – FIFA 20 Career Mode

►In this FIFA 20 Career Mode episode we put the Sidemen FC team up against the YouTube All-Stars! Players like KSI, W2S, Miniminter, Tobi, and more up against ChrisMD, Castro1021, and Calfreezy. Subscribe for more FIFA 20 Volta, FIFA 20 Career Mode, and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA20 #CareerMode #Everton #Champions League

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    Wait… 91? That is really high… And also I believe he is a CAM and not a striker. Midfielders tend to have better free-kick accuracy and Chris Dixon has that.

  2. Hey guys! Just joined TIK TOK and am posting Career Mode content over there. Give me a follow 🙂


  3. Can you do a World Cup with only African teams

    Like so BFordLancer48 can see this.

    PS: This is the second time I asked.

  4. To whoever may be reading this I hope your having a great day I hope your all safe during this pandemic

    Love from a very small YouTuber

  5. Bford, ur the best and I have been subbed since 700 and ur the one that got me playing the career mode and now I love it cause I’m a 91 rating thank you so much you legend

  6. Play a national team tournament where players are representing the nations they play in…Like cr7 for italy,Messi for spain,Salah for Eng etcc…

  7. Hi BFORD! I’m Andreas and i’m 11 years old and I’m from Estonia.
    I have watched your videos for 3 years and I’d be so happy when you could give me fifa 21 when it comes out😭

  8. @BFordLancer48 thanks for watching my vid

    Pls check out my vid and could u subscribe pls
    I would really appreciate it
    Nice vid btw

  9. Can you do Europe icons vs rest of the world icons but since the rest of the world icons don’t have many player add recent players that that are for the rest of the world

  10. BFORD: Deji is really bad at football
    Deji (In one of his videos): Did you know I’m actually good at football 🤨

  11. Bford pls do a France all stars and Portugal all stars vs Brazil all stars and Argentina all stars you can do it with or without icond

  12. I was just watching sidemen videos and w2s videos when I was seeing the videos of sidemen I got a notification on bfordlancer48 new video Sidemen all stars vs You tube all stars

  13. Bford changes the stadium and out of every stadium he has to choose Bournemouth’s stadium. The flippin away team

  14. Make vid about wonderkids at full potential vs team of the season
    Ps 4th time posted

    Like if you want to see this vid two

  15. I thought Bford was about to nice the sidemen and all the other YouTubers but there were shots after shots lmaooo

  16. Me:scrolling through bfordlancers videos.
    Also me :sees video “o i didnt see this video ”
    Me not knowing this video was posted like 5 mins ago

  17. Morley deserves better than 85
    He is amazing in goal and outfield, I think he deserves an 88/89 or maybe even a 90/91 if he played outfield

  18. You Tube all stars will win I want Sidemen to win because Because Bford is in You Tube all stars is in the team I vote for You Tube all stars

  19. Could you please do guardiola’s all starts vs klopp all stars. Like so bford can see. ( This is the 16th time i am saying this)

  20. Hey BFord, react to 442oons and also do a All-Star Challenge that is the Frontmen vs the Sidemen. (Obviously increase the sidemens ratings so that this All-Star Challenge is not one sided.)

  21. You should do a video where you put professional freestylers, Panna players, and futsal players( i.e. Sean Garnier, Earland, Kristof Liict, Jack Downer etc.) And see how they do the champions league.

  22. To be honest manny should be the best he technically better than all of them and many played with a semi professional team and made an appearance in the fa cup

  23. BFord puts a lot of work into these vids he deserves way more credit than he gets so anyone who hasn’t subscribe, like and turn on post notifications

  24. Can You do Fifa 16 all stars Vs Fifa 20 All stars basically there is 2 Match’s And two sims So you do one sim match on Fifa 16 And one sim match on Fifa 20 Then a career mode sim on Fifa 16 and Fifa 20

  25. Hey Bford your videos are awesome and i want to say that in your next career mode episode video play a charity match where both messi and Ronaldo will be playing like Ronaldo played in the charity match.Keep up the good contents.☺

  26. Bford can you make a video on Chinese League all stars vs MLS all stars. I’ve been your videos from 3 years. Can you please make this video for me to continue to watch for awsome and amazing videos.
    Please can you make…

  27. BFord please can you do an ALL-Star challenge of a Mo Salah all stars (second highest rated after Messi) and a Neymar all stars (second if you count Ronaldo as LW).

  28. @bfordlancer48
    I have a video suggestion:
    what if you made a career mode experiment where you give players their highest special card fifa rating on fifa 20.

    Example: Bruno Fernandes’ normal gold card is an 85, but he has a player of the month 90 rated card. you can change his rating to this.

    so basically give people their highest fifa rating this year and see how it affects career mode.

    Everyone like so Jake can see

  29. You can do loan players tournament every team will contain players from league or else you can do La Liga Loan players vs Premier League Loan players!!!!
    Like so BFORD can see.🙂🙂

  30. Hsjdgsufsusishdudhieu3jejsudhdoixidirueuieieheisusieheiheieheheujdhejsjsidijdhdjdjduyegwghshdhd
    This is random but please like this comment

  31. Do rebuilding the best team on fifa (checklist:1ballon’dor winner,Only 85+players,pick a person from the team who won the euro 2016.)

  32. You should start a new Player Carrer Mode series with you as the player with realistic stats and start in the MLS maybe in Cincinnati FC

  33. I wished there was leemrr over here… If u don’t know him search his YouTube and watch his latest vid… Also xduttinho could’ve been there

  34. where are the f2??????
    i think putting f2 in yt all stars will be one sided??? is this the reason you didnt put f2 in this challenge

  35. The tiebreaker is not fair. The team going further in the Champions League plays more games and thus has more opportunities to score goals. I think you should change it to top scorer in the domestic league or whatever else

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