SIGNING PAULO DYBALA!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP29

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SIGNING PAULO DYBALA!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP29

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385 thoughts on “SIGNING PAULO DYBALA!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP29”

  1. I don’t like this Dybala signing, I think Fernandes will be wasted at cdm. I would have preferred him to sign a world class cdm who actually suits the holding position

  2. Every career mode that you do at start is good and after 7,8 episodes it becomes unrealistic. So much unnecesery signings.

  3. pcq: just this the last season with ronaldo so why you give a chance to rashford to play striker and you have martial at left or bring aplayer like
    assesnio i think.
    in other hand we didn’t see wan bissaka so you need another RB

  4. Dybala is amazing for United signed him 25 games, 17 goals and 15 assists. Keep up the good work hope I grow with you as a channel!

  5. You can play 4-4-2 . play Lucas digne as Left back süle and marquinos as Center back rashford at the left Sancho at the right Bruno and any one ( valverdi aour … ) and play Dybala and CR7 as forward

  6. PCQ @S2G what can you do about this because I think fifa 20 has a glitch or something because at half time all my players are completely tired completely dead only after 45 min while that was never before
    What can I do about it
    Like so thats2g sees it

  7. PCQ: Try playing three at the back, fun attacking football and you can fit 3 WC defenders in the starting eleven. Midfield was weak and I think that you should bring that “performance system” to the midfield.

  8. PCQ: What are your plans for your next career mode? Would you consider doing a RB Leipzig or Dortmund career mode as they both have great young squads

  9. Pcq:Maguire has been outstanding in this series so what I think is that you sell Aouar and play Marquinhos in that CDM role instead

  10. I think u make too much transfers with every team so can u try to make a series with 2 transfers in Summer and 1 in January

  11. Pcq: irl United played 3-3-1-3, would you consider playing this formation seeing you have quality players like Sule, maguire and Marquinhos?

  12. pcq: change your formation to 4-1-4-1, so both Bruno and Dybala can play in the CAM role, Bruno is not really a no.6 player

  13. As you have signed Dybala, change the formation to 4-1-2-3 with defence as it is, rashford on the left, sancho on the right, fde on cm and two cams bruno and Dybala. That would help your players to play in respective positions and enhance the performance..

  14. Where the hell is Barca pes career mode ??????😪😪😪😪
    Bro u need to stop doing career mode and other things in middle 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Once u start !!! Finish it !!!!

  15. psq: you should play a 5,2,3 because then you can play maguire and drop valverde because he’s not playing very good

  16. You got Dybala for so less money because his contract was running out. Next season he would have been a free agent. Also buy Lucas Hernandez in place of Digne. He’s way faster and has insane jumping and stamina.

  17. Will you consider selling Harry Maguire since u have 2 world class defenders and maybe sign a younger and lower rated defender with high potential like Nathan Ake

  18. PCQ Dybala is a word class player but u should have signed a younger player like Kai Haverts has more potential to grow

  19. PCQ : Please play the Man United career mode until 4th/5th season, do not stop at the 3rd season, because we want to see how the young players will be in the future and how the team will improve

  20. PCQ: Please can you stop spoiling who you sign or what’s happening because it spoils the episode and it ruins it.

  21. PCQ: Could you sign Haaland as it’s a realistic signing for UTD and play him with the second team until he progresses

  22. PCQ: could you sign haaland and play him with the second team until he progresses and reaches true potential in his prime

  23. Pcq: Ronaldo has been phenomenal for Manchester United, but he is getting old and needs a replacement. Who do you think is suited for the role?

  24. Pcq: Stop playing against lower ranked teams that are in the relegation zone or below the top 10 if you are using the first team, because u will win anyways even by simming

  25. Pcq:sell martial and bring vincius Jr as a super sub and send your youth scout to Paraguay and sign a player that has more then 300k value.

  26. You should sell aouar because you have to much quality midfielders and you won’t be able to give them enough game time

  27. you arent even playing the players that you signed play sule every other game or his morale would go down and valverde is also a defensive player

  28. Just look at the everton goal difference on 15:34 its just 1😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  29. PCQ: Can you do a few more seasons with United after you win the UCL because we would want to see how good your Youth Academy will get.

  30. U have to do this series for about five seasons so that ur academy players will develop to their highest potential .if don’t it don’t make sense scouting them .

  31. PCQ: Bruno Fernandes can play CM but not CDM so please change your formation to a 4-1-4-1 as that worked really well with the Leicester City career mode and now Bruno can still join in with the attack.

  32. I find it ridiculous how Ronaldo is ripping up the league but because he’s old his rating is still going down. It feels like he’s scoring a hat-trick every single game

  33. Pcq: what you think about Bayern munich match? You’re now keeping clean sheets.. do you have confidence of making another clean sheet ? And how much important is to keep clean sheets now.. because you’ve now got a world class defence.. ?

  34. PCQ: do you think you could play a three at the back so then Maguire, Sule, and Marquinhos could all play at the same time

  35. If you are planning to keep Ronaldo the next season i have a season goal suggestion.
    Özil who? Assist 20 goals with Sancho to Ronaldo
    When Özil was at Real Madrid he and Cristiano were very good together can you do better ?

  36. pcq: give bruno the number 8 jersey he deserves it and it’s vacant I think or he deserves it more than whoever has it

  37. Pcq: Put bruno Fernandes on the instruction join the attack as he is not getting involved with the goals in this deep role you have given him

  38. pcq:next season you could try trading aouar for James Maddison or kai havertz since he’s underperforming and those 2 players have been linked to united in real life unlike aouar

  39. PCQ: Will you keep Ronaldo next season or will he retire and if he does, will you sign a new striker or another CAM and play Dybala higher up the pitch

  40. Pcq:what is your plan for rashford as you are not giving him much importance since Ronaldo arrived.rashford is a beast mam use him properly please

  41. Pcq:Would you consider using a 4-3-3 formation as the formation so that Ronaldo, Rashford and martial can all play up top?

  42. And you said you will keep this series realistic because you just signed all the best players and you should replace the name from united to best XI because we want to see challenge like an actual united team

  43. Pcq:Do an Everton career mode after this they have many talented players and it can be as remarkable as the Leicester City career mode

  44. Pcq: rashford’s form has dropped in his last 3 episodes he hasn’t hit the back of the net will u start martial instead of him??

  45. PCQ: you’ve not been using Rashford to his full potential. I feel like Ronaldo is massively overshadowing Rashford and you’re giving him more chances in his preferred role instead of Rashford’s preferred role as ST

  46. Pcq:You should go and buy Vinicius jr he is skilful pace he will be the perfect fit if you sell Rashford or sell him

  47. Pcq: Can you please change your formation from 4231 to 3412 as you can play paulo as cam and ronnie and marcus in the striker role.With sancho in the right and dan james in left.And also play maguire,süle and marqinhos at the back.please do this.

  48. PCQ: Marquinhos can play CDM so why not move him there for extra defensive work especially when you need to hold to a lead with maguire and suile in the back? You should try it

  49. Pcq: I suggest you edit your formation so Bruno is placed a bit up than Valverde or choose a 3-4-1-2 formation against big teams so Sule, Marquinios and Maguire play together

  50. pcq:play maguire in the premier league because his pace can cause you in the champions league and play sule in the champions league as Barcelona done that with bravo and ter stegan

  51. Pcq: You should by Mcginn for Aston Villa he shows great potential for a club like man u and as you said you put the young players in the FA Cup so he could be the boy for the job.

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