SMASH AND GRAB!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep5

SMASH AND GRAB!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep5

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52 thoughts on “SMASH AND GRAB!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep5”

  1. I see so many self promoters in these comments smh. So I think it would be nice if your subscribed to me 🙂

  2. Ches when lower league players play badly ‘Fifa is so unrealistic these players are great’
    Ches when they play well ‘this is ridiculous Fifa is so unrealistic’

    Loving the series, but maybe just Cambridge just aren’t a top half league two team and last year was a fluke?

  3. for clearing crosses, because pressing ‘B’ or clear is broken just use ‘A’ or even ‘X’ then the ai will try and find your nearest midfielder o the edge of your box, and if in doubt put full power on it and then it at least puts in near the sideline or halfway line
    normally works for me and worth a try, not 100% but better then pressing ‘B’ or ‘O’

  4. Love the series since FIFA15 when youth star Jenkins Chikauoui signed from Cambridge to Man City for around £25million

  5. 19:24 their whole attack (and maybe even the whole match) was just the usual FIFA bs scripting…you can’t do anything about it, that whole attack was programmed so you can’t do anything against it, everysingle pass+the shot was inch perfect and you can’t do shit about it… That’s why this shitty ass game is so unenjoyable to play

  6. I’ve been favouring a 4411 recently in my save. Essentially a 442 just staggered differently. Has been really effective to link up your strikers. Pushing the full backs up to attack in a 334 shape.

  7. Ches- “league 2 is a high quality league”

    Also ches-“how are league 2 players scoring goals like that!!!!!?”

  8. maybe experiment with a combination of different strikers up top to see which ones work, like dallas + ngoy or knibbs and ad

  9. Maybe have a look at players such as Charlie Kirk, Dan Powell (Both From Crewe) Collins (Wimbledon) Hoskins, Goode (Both Northampton)

  10. Hey Ches loving the series , regarding the 4-4-2 why not try the other 4-4-2 formation where you have two cdms further back towards your CBS see if that works

  11. If you end up in league 2 again you should do s financial takeover. Smashing all these teams after all this frustration would be great

  12. CHANGE YOUR DAMN TACTICS ON YOUR STRIKERS!!!!! Let them run behind the defenders chew because now they don’t make runs

  13. positive side of this is that we might actually get to see all your youth players reach their max, instead of still being bench warmers at 80+ rated

  14. Ches for Christ sake just play 343 until you get to the premier league, doesn’t matter who you play it’s broken for the lower leagues we want championship next season or that’s it for the series, really love your vids but I’m just being honest. Please reduce the shot error it’s a bit unrealistic when they score like this game after game

  15. Change your full backs tactics to stay behind in attack so that these big runs from the wingers won’t go thru

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