So i opened 20x TOTW Upgrade packs…

So i opened 20x TOTW Upgrade packs…

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So i opened 20x TOTW Upgrade packs…
So i opened 20x TOTW Upgrade packs…
So i opened 20x TOTW Upgrade packs…

91 thoughts on “So i opened 20x TOTW Upgrade packs…”

  1. i stopped playing ultimate team and i started a career mode with my favorite team in real life and so much more enjoyable than ultimate team and its rage free aswell

    • Yh Ive been doing career modes with Crewe Alexandre and Macclesfield and it’s so good when you can actually use players of your choice that can become gods later on

    • Yes Yes Kakas Kis I agree with OK Boomer. Don’t know why any one would ever play career mode on FIFA. Football Manager is definitely the best but you can’t get anything like Ultimate Team (not shitty PES) anywhere else. If you enjoy managing a team like this then play FM

  2. 10:35 I am ashamed of how you speak about Arsenal. We are a great team and I’m not being sarcastic here at all and I’m not saying this because I’m an arsenal fan

  3. when vlachodimos came out i knew you were gonna butcher his name lol, our last names are difficult to pronounce for non greeks

  4. Megalodon Kamil glik is a great a man really should try him out good pace pretty certain he is relatives with megalodon camel , steven lowery ( and son ) , bald martin , big girl . Him and inform mandanda and fut birthday bakayoko take my tips and tell me what you think and give me some feedback

  5. I got 84 Saint-Maximin, 87 Willy Ndidi and 86 Zapata from 5, the other 2 were Dwight Gayle and some random donnie… really happy tbf

  6. I’ve packed nainggolan (87) and I’m not even complaining. I think it’s a w but I can’t fit him in my team so he’s just there lol

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