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82 thoughts on “THANK YOU FOR THAT SUPPORT!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG Ep2”

  1. Ches just saying during these times I gets so excited about your episodes coming out daily. Love the vids keep it up

  2. Loan nathan collins from stoke 18 year old centre back 63 rated quite pacey strong and decent in the tackle

  3. Cant wait for ep 3. Hears some advice that the people who watched last years rtg will understand. DONT SIGN CACEDA FROM THE FREE AGENTS

  4. Why not get another scout future star. You could get a wonderkid!!!. Like so ches can seeee. (Then get it next season!!!!)

  5. jonathon leko from west brom, loaned him season one and bought season two, 83 overall rn, scoring 30+ goals per season, 99 pace and acceleration, 90 strength, 94 dribbling, he is a beast

  6. The ckeckatrade theory system is not correct in fifa it starts with groups of 4 and the top 2 of each group go through to a knockout stage

  7. In yesterday’s episode, it was very nostalgic looking back at the past Cambridge RTG moments. But, for real, can we talk about Ches’ PHYSICAL transformation as well!!?? In addition to work extremely hard on his content, it also looks like Ches put an extreme amount of both time and discipline to transform his body. We should be proud of him, cause I sure am.

  8. Please play the odd training session, don’t have to include in video but will help your players so much

  9. Godwin-malife at Forest green would be good and cheap and he’s got quite a lot of potential for league 2 he can play RB and CB

  10. You should check out Julian Von Moos, he is 59 rated at Basel. He has a potential of 82, but with Dynamic potential he can grow much higher. I signed him in my Forest Green RTG and I grew him to 91 rated. Brandon Williams is an excellent Left back as well. He grew to 90 rated in the same save. Love the new series

  11. Don’t sign known ‘wonderkids’. Go for players that would genuinely do well in L2/L1, or have proven records at this level e.g. Danny Hylton etc.

  12. Make this series different to others ches don’t sing the obvious players try use dynamic potential as much as possible and bring low potential players up to give them success

  13. Sun is shining ☀️ Beers are on 🍺 And my favourite rtg is INDEED back!! GET IN CHES 👍👍👍👍

  14. Sign Sebastian symanzki. He is a winger and a free agent. He starts with great agility and speed and has MAD potential. P.s he is 20

  15. If you can try to get Daniel Barlaser in on loan, although I think he at Rotherham 1st season, so more of a second year signing

  16. Touching on the lower league quality I think there is a huge difference between the bottom of the conference and league 2 but the teams at the top of the conference always seem to do well in league 2

  17. can you make a create a club mod career mode like master bucks on your next series please! like if you agree

  18. Hey Ches you should move to the Wembley stadium (or other english stadium) for a season while your new stadium is being built! Idk if its even possible but it would be very realistic and fun to see. Love the series, keep up the great content 👍

  19. Not sure if you’ll see this. But check out han-noah massengo good young cm that I’ve got up to 88+

  20. Going into season 2, if you do get promoted, please please PLEASE try and get Troy Parrott from Spurs. In my Sunderland CM, he grew to a 95 rated striker and won me 4 UCLs in a row

  21. At some point in this series, can you buy Mason Mount. Seems like your kind of player, is fast and can play either on the wing or as CAM

  22. alfie kilgour from Bristol rovers is great if you need a young centre back. Also available for reasonably cheap as he only has 1 year on his contract

  23. Sign yanis begraoui 5* wf can play rm and St min 81. Starts at a 59 so I could be able to buy him base potential but I got him to 91

  24. Hey, Ches i want to say that i love the series. I’m from Bulgaria and ypu are saying Delev’s name right!

  25. Hi Ches really enjoy your content and I watch every video no matter how long it is but I personally think that you probably should try and make your videos a maximum of 30 minutes as I’m not sure that the majority of people that watch will be there by the end of the video due the duration. Just a slight bit of constructive criticism keep up the great work. Like so Ches can see!

  26. Sam Surridge from Bournemouth on loan, scores loads of goals very good finisher, and aaron connoly from Brighton, pact and good finisher aswell, also on loan. As well, look at getting a load of pre contracts as it’s realistic for the level your at and can really help the quality of your side. It’s a no brainer really

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