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198 thoughts on “THE BEST TEAM IN FIFA! – PC ROAD TO GLORY Ep.31 #FUT20 Ultimate Team”

  1. So early, there’s no people saying: When Nep SEes his WIfe He Says What’s Up gUYs Nepenthez HerE

  2. Big up Nep ! Thanks for the upload again. Was there in the stream. GGs man. And Alonso SBC is God-tier. He’s absolutely broken. Even faster than your average Kents, Adamas or James. Keep doing what you’re doing bro.

  3. Thank you Neppo for constantly pumping out quality content this game can be unbelievably stressful but you still give us these videos we are all grateful for this during this tough time with the pandemic hope the family is well🙏

  4. I saw this live and still don’t get why people would cheat fifa is a game to play for entertainment and they are taking that away from people and themselves

  5. I’m surprised Nep doesn’t single handedly boost the price of the shadow market after all the time he talks about it…

    Slap a shadow on it and he is fine

    • my aim this video is to mention it at least 10 times …….. and I’ll be rriiigghhtt baccckkkkkkkkkk

  6. richarlison is easily your best and most valuable player, he literally does everything for you and i would really recommend you grinding towards the totssf richarlison because he could well be even more op….

  7. Hey nep love the vids why don’t you get musonda from the eredevise league reward good weak foot and skills bang a sniper on him to improve his composure

  8. I think this guys transferring coins it’s unexplainable how he keeps gaining large amounts of money unexplainably

  9. Can we get some love for neppo ❤
    Thanks for all the entertainment you’ve given us in these hard times.

    Hope you and your family are doing well. I’ve got mad respect for you much love 💪

  10. 30:20 “oh my fucking God is an understatement to that team”
    Whoever that kid or adult is, he must not have a house 😂😂😂

  11. Love the vids nep, really helping me through these tough times, much love ❤️👊

    Hey Nep,
    I’ve been watching you for the last 3 and a half years and was hoping you might be able to open my top 100 packs this Thursday. My PS4 name is Bulbasaur_5498.

    This was my first 30-0 ever and my first top 100 since FIFA 17. I’m a graduating senior at Georgetown University in the U.S. and I finish up my last exam Thursday, so this would be icing on the cake! It was an absolute grind this weekend, and considering I’d actually bottled the 30-0 last weekend in the last match, I was incredibly relieved.

    Let me know mate! Would be honored for you to open them.

  13. saying that he would not get elite 3 or it would be hard for him is simply stupid… how do you expect him to play when he was all the time leading? he even didnt have to focus for the most of the game. He is for sure a good player and probably elite 3 would not be a problem for him on any platform

  14. You need higher attacking depth and like 5 defensive depth so you’re players don’t have to run miles to get up the pitch

  15. Anyone still have fifa 18 Xbox? Looking for players, letting my cousin use my old account during the quarantine

  16. I am a average player and I got silver 1 this weekend. To get my 11 win, I faced this guy with moments gullit and viera. Moments Socrates, TOTS drbruyne TOTY Andy and Trent TOTY Ronaldo and Mbappe TOTY. And guess what I somehow won lmao

  17. I did 10 of the prem things and not a single board, then opened half a 50k pack (small rare gold players pack) from marquee matchups and got salah totssf. When should i sell him for most profit?

  18. What’s up guys! Hope you are all keeping safe, if you are enjoying the content, let me know in the comments and make sure you hit that subscribe button!! ✌

    • i got 18 wins in WL with 3 games left i hated the experience that much i didnt even bother going for gold1. i play 41212 wide variant on balanced. People blame ea for the bad game play but its not there fault everyone plays 4231 1 depth drop back. its the same every year, when the game comes out its really fun for a month then people watch the pros and copy what they do and suddenly its like the plague has hit the game and everyone plays the same way. the only way i believe EA can make the game fun is too completely remove in game tactics, so everyone has to play on balanced through the entire game, the only thing you can change is the formation. yes people would be sad and complain but i would enjoy them to do this for one year to see how it works. the issue with fifa is because its a yearly cycle they do not have the time to balance the game properly. they release it the pros find all the OP bugs and then boom the game is un- enjoyable and shit.

    • Always enjoy the content and not trying to be the language police but can you possibly edit/bleep/birdsong any language. I know you’re normally 100% family friendly but just got blindsided by an F-Bomb at 23:00 and now know that my 8yr old will hear this when he watches in the morning. I appreciate you make these comments on stream late at night and in the heat of the moment so understand the context. I also appreciate how Fifa can trigger the most peaceful of souls but for the purposes of the the uploads, is it possible to scan your comments and make the upload family friendly?

      Wishing you all the best Nep. Keep up the good work.

    • If you don’t want to be “sniped” then don’t stream your games, being in your position of making large amounts of money from your streams then playing the victim card is weak…along with your consistent excuses blaming EA for everything really gives your videos a poor feel, everyone has to play this game during poor servers or game play, I suggest you look for a different game to play.

  19. Each day im just waiting for this vid and your 6 am vid. You are doing content so very well and you mainly cater now to the average group of fifa players, div4-6, which is just a win win for all of us. You hook us up bro, you dont hook us down.

  20. I feel as tho when you play fut champs it a whole other world. It feels so weird. Games you would easily win in div rivals are list in fut champs.

  21. I dont get why do you decide its a stream sniper just because he has a sick team. By that theory you every game you played with your first rtg was you sniping people.

  22. those two 82+ packs you did were literally both better than my nine 82+ packs. Literally got 2 83s and the rest were 82s. Anyone else in the comment section have the same luck?

  23. The last person had the same team he showed at the beginning of the video, that’s a stream sniper

  24. Nep ur always complaining that ur defenders mess up but when there defenders do it u go oblivious and call it an ‘ozil special’ anyway I’m loving the content so keep it up 👍🏿

  25. Enjoying the PC RTG and loved watching highlights of futchamps from this weekend, unlucky man on missing out on elite 3, sweaty ass weekend though😜

  26. 22-8 is Amazing during prem tots WL. As it is the sweatiest one all year. You Will get minimum Elite 3 next week Neppo. Love the content keep up the great work.

  27. Nepenthez: I’ve played so bad this weekend and gets elite 2
    Me: I’ve played amazing this weekend. I got silver 3. YESS!!

  28. A good way to make your player make forward runs is when you have the ball press LB or L1 and aim the left stick the player to start making a run they will run and creates a move forward really effective especially at the end of a game with subs on across the pitch into space

  29. nep to go tactics and lower your players in the box to like 2-3 and then they’ll be at the top of the box

  30. anyone else have an issue where they get disconnected in just about every other squad battles game? contacted an EA advisor and his stupid troubleshoot advice didn’t work

  31. Nepo when he concedes a rebound goal – this game is trash dude. When he scores a rebound goal – let’s go

    • This type of Guy are the worst in this game for me its a shame to be happy to beat nep with a squad like that…im surprise he dont sush nep after he score like you said he is little Virgin rats !!!

  32. 16:06 Nep you are playing a 4-4-2 with wide players and no CAM, which means that u wont have any player in the edge.

  33. Nep, compose yourself and try not to lose your head. I know this fut champs is literally a gym full of sweats, but play Fifa as if it’s a draft and say to yourself that your miles better than your opponent, and you probably are. Non the less I love your content and keep it up !

  34. Why does he say he is being stream sniped when he faces a big team? Is a geniune question, I don’t understand… and moreover, how do you stream snipe someone? Do you go into a game at the same time?

  35. 17.05- Ozil scores a lucky goal – ‘ozil special’ 17.19- Machis scores lucky goal – ‘fuck this game’

  36. Why do you keep swearing so much? You said on the show you stopped swearing when you realised kids were watching, never heard to say the f word so much

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