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  1. Don’t lie who’s been a fan of cani before 2020?🥰”

    (ɪᴍ ɢıғтıɴɢ ᴇvᴇʀʏоɴᴇ wно sußs w/ ɴοтıѕ)🍒

  2. 3rd and always watchin cani
    P.s is it me or is enes bardhi’s nose looks like Zlatan’s in the thumbnail

  3. Me: haven’t watched yesterdays episode of Benjamin
    Cani: he plays for Napoli
    Me: guess I don’t have to watch it then

  4. I dont understand why people dislike the video. It is amazing content and you should keep it up Cani!!❤

  5. Eeeeeniisssss baarrddhiiiii
    The only player to feature on at least 1 career mode on a every single fifa game Cani has had

  6. #irl
    Cani, thoughts on Liverpool apparently wanting to sign Koulibaly? Imagine Van Dijk and Koulibaly together. Liverpool would have the best defence in England if not the best defence in all of Europe

  7. After this series can you make a complation of the best moments of the series. Like so cani can see!!!

  8. The man who suggested enis bardhi ‘the legend’ in liverpool career mode to Cani is also truly a legend for this channel. One like for him man and for Enis Bardhi.
    Welcome back the legend

  9. Cani: “if you have came in the first episode look me in the eyes thank you”
    Me: I have been here from fifa 18 so thank you, thank you for making my day and enjoying your contents. Your my day maker 🙂

  10. Cani you are doin great work. Love the videos bro. Cani give bardi number 17 that was his number he had in fifa 19 lfc

  11. #fanobjectives THE MAIN MAN:
    Score 5 or 3(whatever you like) hattricks with Saint-Maximin
    Like so Cani can see

  12. I thought BAL was gonna be uploaded everyday with this every second day but I guess they’re both being uploaded every second day

  13. Don’t get how people can dislike canis videos! Quality YouTuber seems like a even nicer guy!! Keep it up cani bro!

  14. Canni can you please bring in max arrons at right back and for left back brandon Williams they both young and and have good potential and are very young please like so can I can see

  15. This is not a meme comment but a comment to thank cani for bringing us pes my player,fifa career mode,and ultimatate team content

  16. I also started a Newcastle career mode , right now in season 3 with 89 rated Mikel Merino at midfield , SIGN HIM !

  17. So glad ur doing career mode again stopped watching you when you started doing pes because it’s such a bad game

  18. Please cani perform with Enis other wise if he does not, you will ruin his legacy so please no missing sitters.

  19. niether of your midfielders are physically good enough for the roles they’re playing be interesting to see

  20. #FanObjectives
    HE’S BACK!
    Score 20 goals from outside the box with Enis Bardhi.
    Like so Cani can see!

  21. Players the contract is end at the end of the season
    David silva
    Thiago silva
    Alex sandro
    James rodrigues
    Santi cazorla
    Like so cani can see.

  22. Get Kiril Despodov. He is a player for the future, and you never sign a player from Bulgaria in any of your career modes.And he can be a substitute for the striker and wing positions. Like so Cani can see!

  23. Cani please sign Raphael Varane he’s good for this team please like for Cani look at this ……….like please

  24. Hi cani if you see this can u consider buying karamoko dembele he has 86 potential and I really like him

    Like so cani can see

  25. Buy Zonta from Sao Paulo as lb
    Play 4-4-1-1
    Use almiron as a cam and volland and maxim as winger
    Sell joelinton and buy Joseph Martinez from MLS

  26. #fanobjective MAIN SUPERSTAR: sign a 90+ potential stiker in youth academy promote him and score at least 5 goals

  27. #fanobjectives
    Name: Dynamic Duo
    Task: Get at least 25 goal contributions with new signings bardhi and volland

    • Anuroop TA finesse not the most consistent way to finish chances, Cani plays FUT so he knows stronger foot favours the corresponding side for cross shot or even near post OP finishes.

  28. Maybe you will send scout to Saudi Arabia all in all the chariman of this club is from there.Remember it doesn’t really matter where you send a scout,even in Canada or other shitful nation at football you can find someone with 90+potential,this is FIFA man

  29. Got my hot cheetos and orange juice. I’m ready to dive into another episode. You the best cani. Blessings bro

  30. #fanobjectives
    Name: Bardhi’s return
    Task: Get Enis Bardhi to be the top assister in your team this season

  31. Bench players:
    1. Nicolas de la Cruz, River Plate, CAM/LW/CM
    2. Diego Rossi, LAFC, LW/ST/RW
    3. Riccardo Orsolini, Bologna, CAM/LW

  32. Cani seriously you need sign a RM or any type of winger on the right (Pepe,Atal maybe) (like so cani can see )

  33. I have a suggestion:

    You could sign Vlasic (CAM/CM 78 OVR)

    and/or Mukiele who’s sound aswell (CB/RB 78 OVR)

  34. Sign Cavani in January on pre-contract. Would be an Ibra like signing for Utd and squeeze out one good season from him before selling him again. Would raise the reputation of Newcastle and possibly help with acquiring any Uruguayan talent or key player like José Jimenez who might not consider joining Newcastle at the beginning. Let’s make this career mode more realistic and not just being able to sign anyone, football isn’t like that anymore.

  35. #fanobjectives
    Name: The Bench-warmers
    Task: Get 10 goal contributions with substitutes this season

  36. #forfeit for awaken the speedster swap almiron for benteke and you have to play him at least 5 games sim don’t count

  37. You should give bardhi the number 17. because as far as i remember that was the number he had in all the previous career modes he was in. so its his legendary number.
    Fun fact, i still have him on the bench if my ultimate team squad. still my number 1 sub 😂

  38. Cani When the other Team has a Penalty look at the Players head where ever his head is Looking tell your GK to dive that way then you will save it every single Time and same goes for you When taking a Pen you have to move side’s right away!!!

  39. Just a thought would’ve been nice if cani named his manager Benjamin Aguero and made his manager’s appearance similar to that of him

  40. Cani you should look to bring in a new cb for lascelles he is to old and you have the money like so cani can see

  41. #fanobjective
    Cani’s Legend : Score 10 outside the box screamers in the league with Enis Bardhi.

  42. If you offer them a prospect role then they will come back with the minimum squad role they will want
    Instead of guaranteeing them crucial 1st team roles

  43. You should sign Tsimikas as a back up at left back.He is a beast and very big teams are linked with him.Like so Cani can see

  44. With Coutinho’s history, he would only move once Newcastle have a coach that suits his style, which he’s learnt from his failed move to Barcelona. So only sign Coutinho if Cani is able to properly incorporate Coutinho into the team either as a 10 or inside forward on the left. If not it doesn’t make sense.

  45. Why is he trading a young hayden and money he has worse mids. Plus hayden is playing better than sanson. He is just trying to make sanson look good

  46. Cani you should try and sign Sancet he plays for athletico bilbao and he has great potential and you should train him if u sign him
    Like do Cani can see

  47. You could buy greenwood for ST paulinho, saka for the wings leite and kamara for CB you should leave longstaff in the bench

  48. I swear to God Cani looks like an idiot with those black straps on his shirt. A lot of respect just wanted to crack a joke

  49. *Saint Maximin misses easy chance*
    Cani: unlucky bro
    *almiron barely misses hard finesse shot*
    Cani: you suck at finishing man!

  50. Sign Alphonso Davies, he could fight for the starting position with Willems, you can also use him as a super subtitute, beacause he can play in multiple positions. Like so Cani can see!

  51. Hey cani that player is a beast a legend on my inter Milan side
    Three consecutive champions league I’m my career

  52. Hey Cani for the squad you should buy Callum Wilson he is a beast on FIFA and Tom Ince or Cian Harries
    Take care Mate 👍

  53. Cani, you should play at legendary , bloody Teemu pukki is gonna score bangers against you. You should just play with legendary mode with sliders as EA did something that we all expected of them.

  54. Could you send the next scout to Croatia?
    As a croat it would be amazing.
    Also It would be interesting to see a youngster with huge potential whos from a very small country.
    It would make you different to other youtubers that send their scouts to big footballing countries like Brasil, England, Germany etc.
    Like so Cani can see!

  55. #Fanobjectives
    Signing of the season
    Get 25 goal contributions with Kevin Volland throughout the the season.
    Like so Cani could see
    PS. Best Career mode youtuber by far. Its now a daily routine watching your videos mate, I love it, keep up the great content.

  56. #Backups Wijndal, Dennis, Buta, Barco, Torunaringha, Coman, Ejaria Few Career Mode gems and Think They would fit perfect as your substitues Like So Cani Can See

  57. Sign Phil Foden from Man City… He is a future Superstar striker and already has 76 rating a perfect backup for Volland and Joelinton
    Please give like so Cani can see it

  58. #forfeits sell the longstaff brothers if you do not complete they’re objective and bring in san jose and play him in 10 games

  59. Cani pls you need to buy more players for the width of the team you have no backups like all. Buy players like Camavinga, Gravenberch etc. Just players that have like a 75 rating but with huge potential

  60. Buy zlatan because he retires and you will get him for cheap he will score a lot of headers or haaland because he is young and has great potential

  61. #fanobjectives finish in the top 6 by the end of the season, forfeit Cani should take an ice cube and keep it in his back for 30 seconds

    Sell the dead wood Dwight Gayle and bring in a young supersub such as Boadu from the netherlands or Openda from Belgium

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