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62 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO RECOVERY!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep8”

  1. Alter some players stamina it’s unrealistic it doesn’t grow fast bring them to a baseline 70 especially youth players

  2. May I recommend two players for you to pickup? The wingers from Germany Sirlord and Christian Conteh. The brothers have BLAZING pace and can cross it beautifully.

  3. Finish the season in tommorows episode. Play off camera and like show key highlights it would be quicker that way. Just a suggestion

  4. The struggle made it so realistic and brilliant to watch. You then go and change the sliders and it’s too easy now, absolutely no point watching from now on, gutted tbh this was such a good series so far.

    • Jack Lewis oh piss off… he’s got better players as well. If you don’t like it then go watch another series.

    • @Enzo Bardy Editing Collins into the free agents aswell and now editing all players in some way or another, it’s an absolute farce.

    • I absolutely did NOT edit Collins into the free agents. I’ve altered one slider, slightly, the rest are still where they were and the one i moved is STILL more difficult than default. Literally nothing else changed and if you genuinely believe i’d ruin the integrity of my channel by cheating and altering stuff then you’ve got me and my content mixed up with someone else. That DOESN’T happen here.

    • @ChesnoidGaming It is one of the flaws in Fifa that the players with expired contracts do no go into the free agents, it just doesn’t happen so do not continue that lie. I do feel sorry for you because with the ability you have to edit everything there can be no way to prove anybody right or wrong with any comment they make about your content.

  5. I thought you was going to change Cabo’s positions so that it’s CB/CDM and not the other way around since you utilise him mostly at CB

  6. Ches, if you press both triggers it will cancel your last imput. So you won’t end up blasting balls here there and everywhere when youve tried to stand tackle but the player locks on to the ball. Same if you want to cancel a shot etc.

  7. Ches, my man, I’m gonna day this. Conceicao is going to grow. His stamina will go up. You just have to be patient. You’ve been patient with the whole team and their struggles, so it only makes sense to be patient with one youngster who has low stamina.

  8. #chesnoidgaming you should sign masongreenwood he is free i guess next season, you should also try to sign chong and gomes on free transfer this season

  9. Lots of forest green suspensions would have been cleared before you checked, but they still should have had enough players lmao

  10. Conceição in that role will be getting better and better, you might want to give him a bit of stamina be cause 45 is just not realistic… but he can and will get better, you can`t just sell a future star! That is dumb… train him, play him in his original position, he`ll get better and help you go up

  11. That volley by that Exeter player is the difference in shot error, I’m sure of it. That would’ve flown in a couple episodes ago, it was a good choice to alter it slightly.

    • Just that slight adjustment, as you can see from the rest of the games (and will in coming episodes too) the AI are still just as capable of creating and scoring good chances, they just aren’t scoring only worldies anymore haha Where the slider is at now is STILL lower shot error than default so it’s still more of a challenge =)

    • @ChesnoidGaming yeah, and it’s great to see that you’re working to overcome the challenge, rather than artificially remove it (besides shot error being unrealistically OP). As much as watching that struggle is painful, that’s football. Being a Wimbledon/England fan has prepared me well for this XD

  12. I think you should give Brown the extra position of CDM, he seems quite suited to the role and plenty of Central Midfielders are interchangeable with Defensive Midfielders

  13. I can’t wait to see if you’ll make 7th place!!! Fingers crossed 🤞🏾 I want to see Cambridge in league one next season!!! Loving this year’s RTG 😍

  14. Might be better to bring conceição on. so that he can have more of a effect on the latter parts of games (due to relative fitness to others) and hopefully grow more

  15. One thing I realised, Ches. You almost didn’t use fake shots. There are several occasions in your games where a fake shot can be the deference. Try to use them more.

  16. I’d say you can edit players stamina as it’s unrealistic, a professional footballer wouldn’t have the stamina of your average middle aged father…

  17. Forest Green have 20 players so with the 2 injuries and a probable suspension thrown in there then it would leave them with 17 available, meaning only 6 available on the bench (that’s my theory). Love the content as usual and see you in stream in a bit!

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