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812 thoughts on “THIS SIGNING COST US £50,000,000!!!😱 – FIFA 22 WOLVES CAREER MODE EP21”

  1. pcq: keep Ronaldo till Jan and if he is fine then keep him but if not then replace him with Joāo Felix and put a poacher plan on him

  2. Pcq: you have to do the pre and post match conferences. After the new update, players are never happy you have to maintain a content morale

  3. Pcq: Immediately sell or trade Aït Nouri, he makes mistakes left and right replace him with Reguilon he will suit this team, or if you can afford Theo Hernandez but I doubt

  4. PCQ : Have you noticed that coady is going down in his overall you should probably find a new back up cb just in case botman or dias get injured.

  5. PCQ: You can try signing Scamacca from Sassuolo. Or players like Vlahovic. There are some incredibly talented strikers in Serie A.

  6. Maybe don’t sell Ronaldo and keep him in the reserves and wait until he retires and you can sign his Regen and it will be about 90 rated

  7. PCQ: I think you should sign Dean Henderson .you usually doesn’t sign him in career mode ,he is young ,got lot of potential ,he’ll be perfect replacement for pickford

  8. Pcq: If you need a new goalkeeper try signing Illan meslier as he is young and he is great in the game with massive potential

  9. pcq: If you replace ronaldo when he says considring retirment realsese ronaldo and his regen will also be free agent so you can sign his regen

  10. Sign maignan as you already signed pickford from the premier league, it will be a bit unrealistic to sign another one in the same league, maignan seems a good one to buy

  11. PCQ:sign maignan and maybe look for a cheaper cdm like casemiro since hes getting old and sign a world class cdm in the next season

  12. PCQ:If you need a left back you should sign Ben chilwell, you almost never use him in your career modes and he is much better than ait nouri

  13. PCQ why not to go for nuno tavares or nuno mendes for left back they have got good potential and they are very young. It’s also realistic when you’re fixing wolves.

  14. Pcq: I think u should spent ur money, coz u need squad-depth(coz of UCL). I think u do have squad depth in the mid field, but ur u have only 3 wingers, U should probably buy a winger.

  15. Pcq: sing Dusan Vlahovic he is a good backup striker 80 rated and 86 potential and is perfect for the team now he will be higher rated because it is 3rd season

  16. You can sign Tierney for LB. I think you haven’t used him that much and signed him other than the arsenal career mode.

  17. Pcq- make a swap deal with air nouri and Kieran Tierney he will give you prem experience young and must be good rated

  18. Pcq, you should sign a new Left back as ait nouri isn’t growing as fast as the rest of the squad, maybe you could sign someone like nuno mendes or reguilon

  19. PCQ: Sid please listen, convert Watkins’s position to a winger, or cam. I believe his overall will be up. With 71 shooting it is logical to be only 73 overall but with his crazy pace, dribbling and passing stats, his fits better to another position

  20. S2G laughing at Arsenal for being 18th and then loses, bruh. Thought you were better than that. embarising losing to arsenal

  21. pcq: focus more on squad depth for the next window cause when u rotate the squad for smaller competitons such as the carabao cup u end simulating and bottling them.

  22. PCQ: Maybe look for a loan to buy back up striker for Ronaldo. Ronaldo will probably run out of stamina in some games and you could use someone higher rated than Fabio Silva.

  23. Pcq: You have too much faith in your second team players like Gibbs-White or Fabio Silva, they are quite inconsistent so I reccomend staying with Ronaldo.

  24. PCQ: you were talking about selling Ronaldo and replacing him and he responded scoring a brace against West Ham. Typical Ronaldo

  25. PCQ: i realized that you never try a chip shot against keepers when you are close with players like ronaldo you can easily score more goals using them

  26. PCQ : For the new Left Back, Renan Lodi is a young LB with great pace and good crossing. You also have Nuno Mendez/Nuno Tavares but I think you already tried them before. And maybe Tsimikas.

  27. Pcq: Taking into consideration some of the poor pass completions made by your LW and RW, why don’t you sign a player of high potential, such as Antony from Ajax because he is a youngster and has the potential of making Wolves totally invisible through the season. What do you think? Who will be your backup

  28. Pcq: I wanted to suggest Paudo for a long time now but didn’t know how he played in fifa 22. When converted to a striker he is unbelievable with high pace and brilliant finishing. Maybe a signing for the future.

  29. Pcq: You can use Ronaldo till January and you can buy Andre Silva as Andre is one of the players compared with Ronaldo and is living up to it irl so he is a great option and you can do a swap deal.

  30. Literally all ur players have no sharpness that’s why there getting minuses everywhere so look at ur training drills every season some of them reset

  31. Don’t sell pickford you made a rule that if release clause for more than 1 player is paid you can decide to sell 1 player per window you sold inaciao

  32. Pcq: You can sign Vitaliy Mykolenko from everton, he is very young and you will get him for a good price and he has great potential, remember from the everton takeover.

  33. Pcq: Why dont you shift to a 3-4-3 which will provide you room to play out wide and play never as box to box mid, It will be good for you playstyle aswell, Also consider replacing Ait nori, He is not growing, But Jose gaya or Cancelo both are OP in Fifa 22(Tried both of them)

  34. PCQ: if Pickford goes buy some one like onanah or maybe emiliano martinez donna ruma will also be good and for the left back sign real madrids meandy or Luke shaw

  35. Pcq: You can sign rafael leao he is tall he is pacey, can link up with all teammates and he is very young so have room to grow

  36. Pcq: buy Cole Palmer and keep him for the future since he has high potential and you might use him next season as a backup winger instead of traore

  37. PCQ: Keep Jacob Watkins as a striker because if Ronaldo retires , only Fabio Silva is a quality one so Jacob Watkins can be kept as backup.

  38. pcq:buy a new LB because Ait-Nouri has been disappointing in the last season and made a lot of mistakes you can buy a player like Ferland mendy with a swap deal for Ait-Nouri and 45-50 mil has been crucial for me in my career mode

  39. pcq: Why don’t you attend post match press conferences…… in that way you can boost players moral as you can’t boost it by giving them better contracts

  40. Pcq: If Pickford leaves, you NEED to sign a keeper because your only option other than that is Sarkic. I recommend Maignan who’s proven he is a great shot-stopper and is absolutely insane in this game.

  41. PCQ: With the money you have try signing Reece James. He will still be young and can be a good replacement if Pedro Porro retires

  42. pcq: raphinha has been excellent with his runs and playmaking but his finishing is off which lets down the team at times. So try upgrading his finishing stats by putting a development plan on him.

  43. sign emiliano martinez as pickfords replacement. he is a copa america winning world class GK. he would be perfect gk for your team

  44. For Left Back find someone English since Wolves are an English side and you only start 2 English players and if Puckford leaves it will only be Gallagher

  45. Just to be safe, sign Keylor Navas if Pickford’s deal goes through. He’ll be cheap and is high rated, will give you atleast one good season for now, then you can focus on the LB position.

  46. PCQ: if Pickford is gone try signing strakosha and for ait nouri try swapping him for grimaldo or chilwell as both of them are fully established left backs and are world class

  47. Pcq : I haven’t liked ait nouri since the start of the season, please bring in a new LB, Telles seems a good option as he doesnt want to play second fiddle to Shaw.

  48. PCQ: Sell Ait Nouri, he’s just a disaster. Go for Owen Wijndal or Brandon Williams if possible, developing Wijndal as a defensive fullback works like a charm.

  49. PCQ: if ruben neves release clause get paids u can buy raphaël guerreiro, if you’ll convertz him to cm / one of the wings and you wont change his position until u can renew his contract, he will go up by about 7 ratings

  50. PCQ: I don’t think you need to panic in this transfer window for release clauses getting paid as earlier in this series you cleared that every transfer window only one player would be allowed to leave.

  51. PCQ: It might be worth seeing the time it will take to make Dendoncker to be a CDM as when you put him in that position he went from a -3 to a -1 so his overall will go up. And Bragança will still be available for back up

  52. Would it be a good idea to sign moukoko as a ronaldo replacement? I feel like your team needs pace as adama traore isn’t a starter and he would be perfect for that role

  53. Bro I have to say you’re bad in co tract negotions, every time a player proposes a quite low release clause you only try to make it 10 mil more. If you just negotiate harder you can easily make it more. Like Bruno guimares he will be worth the 100mil soon already

  54. pcq:you should try to sign Renan lodi or nuno mendes because he is very good with the ball and ait nouri isn’t performing enough

  55. Pcq:Jacob Watkins’s loan ends this season so loan him out for one more year and when he returns ronaldo would have likely retired so turn him to a CF cause he originally was a CF and switch to false 9 to use watkins’s insane dribbling

  56. Just sign older goalkeeper like Navas or Sommer and then you can also sign new left back like Nuno Mendes because you will have money to work with

  57. PCQ: When having midweek games it could be useful to edit the weekly schedule. Turn training into rest or even rest into recovery so you don’t have a fully exhausted squad.

  58. Sign someone like Raphael Guerrero for the left back position he is so good( i have used him in my Dortmund career mode) and you have never used him in career modes

  59. PCQ: Sign Ben Chilwell as he would be higher rated and you have never signed him in any of your career mode
    And it will weaken Chelsea …..

  60. pcq: replace ait nouri with Tagliafico, Renan Lodi, Robertson. They are all unique signings wich u never make and they wont be struggling in defense as they got a lot of experience

  61. PCQ: Sign Casteels as your new GK as he is super high rated and is 30 so will cost less than what you get from the Pickford deal

  62. keep ronaldo until the January transfer window and see if he’s still a problem. If he is, sign a replacement, but if not keep ronaldo, even if he plays off the bench and wait to sign his regen because the growth from Ronaldo’s regen will genuinely be insane

  63. Pcq: you can do a swap deal with sporting, so that CR7 retires there. He also said he want to retire there, like 1-2-3 days ago

  64. PCQ: If Pickford leaves, sign Diogo Costa or Luis Maximiano as both are Portuguese and exceptionally talented with great potential, young as well.

  65. I think the unhappy players are from the update. I got players I play every game, they are in good form and gave them a new contract still they are very unhappy

  66. Sign Joáo cancelo for lb since air nouri as you said in the vid cancelo can clear all of that and just keep Ronaldo and switch Ronaldo with Fabio Silva so Ronaldo stays on the bench for a super sub

  67. PCQ: The same problem happening with me in my Bayer levakusen career mode I am play Wirtz, Sinkgraven and Silas every game and even sold the players who could possibly be taking their game time away from them but they are still unhappy I think it might be a fifa Glitch or something with team and player performances or even contracts.

  68. Pcq: sign Bruno Fernades as he is Portuguese, knows how to move the ball well and would be a great fit for your team with Ronaldo up top. you can use braganca in a swap deal.

  69. PCQ: Sign Renan Lodi. He’s 81 rated and has got 86 potential. I think he would be a bigger upgrade over ait – nouri plus you’ve never used him before.

  70. Give “Drop back between deffenders” and “Cut passing lines” to Bruno G. It helps a lot and helped me a ton in my Create a club career mode.

  71. PCQ: for the gk position you could go for ramsdale or dean henderson both are pretty young have good rating and potential and would be good signings .

  72. PCQ:S2G this is only a suggestion. You put so much effort in these videos and at times it gets tiering for you and at least times it’s hard to catch up with all these vids so maybe you can be posting every Wednesday and Saturday when it comes to the wolves career mode and at times can you only play very important games and only showing the goals. Plus maybe you can start doing something like this, when you start a season show pre season then second episode show important parts of the season until January then next episode show the other half of the season that ends one season with only 3episodes and also showing signings and maybe only playing knock out rounds and maybe with this you could maybe try doing a player career mode plus I recently started watching you and I haven’t yet seen one so can we all like this comment so that S2G can see this talk about it and maybe consider my suggestion

  73. PCQ: since chelsea made a big offer for Aït Nouri you can accept it and bring in a portoguese talent : Nuno Mendes ,which in my opinion would fit perfect for the squad

  74. Pcq: u should swap werner for ronaldo in a player plus cash I think he can grow a little more I know he is kind of a meme but in game he can be very helpful

  75. pcq: selling Ait nouri or making him a bench player would he the best and buying some one like K. Tierney, Nuno Mendes, or Renan Lodi

  76. PCQ: Sign Dean Henderson from Manchester United he got great potential plus he’s solid and will perfectly fit in wolves squad. Let’s say Pickford doesn’t Leave then you can use him as a backup like United uses him
    (Also because You need a backup keeper)

  77. PCQ : swap vingare with nuno mendes and if the pickford goes through, sign dean henderson to replace, he should fit in the team

  78. You can do a swap deal with United. Neves for Fernandes
    And don’t sell ronaldo he’s a great finisher. You just need to pass him the ball and he’ll score

  79. Pcq: I Think you should buy Alex Telles for that left back role and he has decent potential
    If Pickford gets sold , I think you should buy areola because he has room to grow

  80. Pcq: Bruno “Gumaires” does not say like that, on Portuguese with Brazilian accent it sounds like Bruno Guimaraes (Gimaraes)

  81. PCQ: Remember you made a rule to only accept one release clause each window. So even if a release clause is paid you can give the player a new contract

  82. Convert Jacob Watkins to a RW as with youth academy players, if they start below 70 overall, they are in the wrong position, he get an overall boost of like 3 or 4 maybe

  83. PCQ: if Pickford does leave I suggest buy Emiliano Martinez, in my career mode he became a beast and he also makes those crazy saves

  84. Convert dendonker to a CDM as that is the position he is probably going to play and his defensive stats are good so may get a overall boost

  85. PCQ: Make more money to try to sign joao cancelo as he has room to grow and can be ur next alexander arnold like in ur create a club

  86. PCQ:Incase Pickford agreed in the contract negotiations maybe u should try signing Dean Henderson,he’s still got good potential and maybe if that doesn’t work out maybe Peirluigi Gollini as he’s also got good potential tho the problem is he is gonna be ABIT older

  87. PCQ: For left back I think nuno mendes will be perfect as he is Portuguese and for keeper you should bring Yan Sommer he is incredible what do you think?

  88. PCQ:I think at your left back position you should sign renan lodi or maybe tsimikas from liverpool that is a great choice he has a lot of potential

  89. PCQ: Why not try to sign some good free agents? You seemed to get a lot out of the regens of Thiago Silva and busquets in your previous career mode. Mind checking if there are any of those sort?

  90. pcq: don’t pass the ball too mcuh in the box, because the opposite defense is always gonna ruin your plans if you do it, try to tocuh more the ball outside.

  91. I think we can all agree, Raphinha isnt show to us that expectation what we are thinking it will be for the team hes 86 he needs to improve…

  92. PCQ: Sign casteels for the goalkeeper position if the Pickford deal goes through.. he’s a v good keeper and will fit well into the team

  93. PCQ: You should finish some training drills behind the screen so your players don’t get that minus on their overall due to the lack of sharpness, and also try to attend to press conferences too to boost the team’s morale

  94. Pcq: you should play with a cam as callagher will grow up in his overall , and more the game is open, stretched the less Ronaldo , will improve , as with a cam guimares cm neves cam callagher there is a cam to do the link up plays and Ronaldo is there to finish chances

  95. Hey change Watkins to a winger when he comes back he will plus in the rating and change he back to a striker and that be a replacement Ronaldo

  96. PcQ: You should sign Luke shaw and put Ait Nouri in a swap deal because Luke shaw is very strong and you won’t concede from the left side as easily

  97. My Wolves career
    4-3-3 Neto Felix Luis Diaz
    Sanches Raphinha
    Neves/ (Bruno.G)
    Vinagre. Adama
    Militao semedo
    Douglas Costa

  98. PCQ: I know Botman is great for you but his potential is done, so you should see if you can upgrade him by using him in a swap deal for a great CB partner for Dias.. having a great defense is crucial for simming games and getting good results. If Botman should be backup CB then maybe someone like Coady can be tried in a swap deal for an 85-88OVR CB

  99. Vinagre has potential to be special if trained correctly. Better than Ait-Nouri, both reach overalls of high 80’s. Keep both. You don’t need to sign left backs

  100. PCQ: A striker to replace Ronaldo would be a great choice like: Alexander Isak has good potential and would be a good signing or Dusan Vlahovic Hes young got the potential and tall.


  102. Pcq: why shouldnt you try signing regens cuz by now most of the order players would have retired and you can get them for free

  103. PCQ: Keep Ronaldo until January and see how is he playing till then and if he is low rated, change him, if you want another player, get gaya in an ait nouri swap deal

  104. try to sign nuno mendes from psg as a swap deal foe ait nouri and preety much your entire budget. He might be very high rated at this point or the regen of marcelo.

  105. Recall Jacob Watkins and make him a winger and make him back to a stricker because he will get a massive boost and can be the future replacement for ronaldo


  107. I feel like you should include Ronaldo in a swap deal for Raspadori as he has an 88 potential and it is a brilliant long term replacement for Ronaldo. Raspadori also has great speed and meanwhile you can loan out Fabio Silva on a loan to increase his rating as quickly as possible

  108. Pcq: as it has been 3 seasons alot of players may have retired. With this there could be alot of great regens. Another idea is to sell Ronaldo and bug a striker with the 50 mil and the money you get from CR7 possibly Jonathan David lik your create a club series.

  109. Pcq: neuer will be very cheap even if he will give you one season but you can then buy navas after that you can sign neuer regen

  110. PCQ: I believe that you should do a swap deal with Chelsea over ben Chilwell with ait Nouri. Also, you may do a swap deal with west ham over Fabianski as you’ve seen how good he is and west ham want pickford.

  111. PCQ: You need a better back up keeper high 70’s atleast incase of an injury to the keeper, imagine if West Ham sign Pickford in the last hour of the deadline you’ll be stuck with a 70 rated keeper till January.

  112. Pcq: to replace ait Nouri try a swap deal with ait Nouri and like 40m for Kieran Tierny (idk if I spelt him correctly) day 7 of trying 2 get in you pcq

  113. PCQ: Aït Nuori isn’t growing anymore and is commenting many mistakes you should use your 50 million left including Aït Nuori in a swap deal for a better Left back

  114. Pcq: Try playing more adama he will not grow if u dont play him and maybe you can try swap dealing him with gabriel jesus or another striker

  115. Sign Nuno Mendes he would be great choice and he got so much potential you also don’t use him much. Love your content keep it up

  116. Pcq: I think you should keep ait nouri because if you put an attacking wide back development plan on him he will grow no Matter what because I did it with him and he grew

  117. Always seems that no matter how bad arsenal are in the league, they seemingly be on some sort of Crack when they play you

  118. PCQ: Ait-Nouri has been struggling recently do you think about replacing him, if you do than spinazziola or theo hernandez at left- back.(I have been longing for a mention in the press conference so if you see this I would be happy:D)

  119. PCQ: Yo Sid you need to make Ronaldo the club captain if he is playing his last season in football considering he is the captain of the Portuguese national team you know

    Btw it’s Gu-i-ma-ra-es-y but the y is silent

  120. Pcq: press conferences boost the team’s morale , so not doing them before games make the players unhappy
    And the morale in career mode affect their “lazyness” like if they are unhappy this would affect their sharpness which does not bring their max levels in game

  121. PCQ: If you are looking for a left back you should sign provod he is physhiclly strong and has really good growth he is a cm but you can convert him to left back

  122. Pcq: Cucerella would be a good option for Lb. He has good attacking and defending stats and good pace, his potential is 87.

  123. Pcq: if u want a new gk sign Maximiliano as he will be good enough to start and u never used him in a save btw great job sid

  124. PCQ: You set a rule that only one players release clause can be met in one window, if more than one player’s clause is met then you will renew it. Please like so S2G can see this and not sell any other player if one player is sold on clause in one window (pickford will also be saved)

  125. Pcq: You should sign someone like Lodi, he’s got better potential and he’s an all round better player, I feel he wouldn’t make so many mistakes and could help a bit more in the attack

  126. PCQ: if you wanna replace Ait Nouri try Renan Lodi he’s only 25 (in this career mode) and is Brazilian, he can outgrow his potential very easily.

  127. Pcq: A good replacement for ait nouri could be Alex Grimaldo in a swap deal. His overall will be good and is quick and good at defending

  128. Pcq:make Cristiano ronaldo as the captain cuz he is playing his final year, give the legend some respect make his retire as a captain

  129. PCQ: if Ait Noiri is letting you down, a good play to sign is perraud, a French left back. He is really good attacking and defensively.

  130. What did you expect? That putting a release clause on every player no one would buy them? Stop having these cringe reactions and play normally

  131. PCQ: I’m telling you sid Gregor Kobel will be your replacement for Pickford he’s young the potential is there and the rating, and for a LB Nuno Tavares will be perfect

  132. Pcq: Nuno Mendes Rating is 78. His potential is 88 and his position is LB. He is 19 years old from Portugal. Nuno Mendes has 3 Skill moves and 4 Weak Foot, he is Left-footed and is super cheap so you should buy him before he gets too expensive

  133. Pcq:You should sign cancelo if you have enough money or you could use some one in a swap deal as he is Portuguese too and a very big upgrade

  134. PCQ: You should start giving defenders more player of the episodes awards because i fee like your only giving it to attackers, goal scorers and goalkeepers i just feel like some of the defenders deserve a player award, for example Rueben Dias had a great episode.

  135. PCQ: I’ve been using Guimares in my Roma CM and he has a rocket of a shot. If he gets space just smash it at the goal you nvr know

  136. Pcq: You should sign Renato sanches because bragança isnt really adding much to your midfield and doing a swap deal would work out in your favour

  137. Moving forward, you should introduce a “punishment clause” to punish any player whose release clause is met and messages you about not wanting to stay at the club. If they reject the transfer offer and decide to stay, ban them from playing 3 matches.

  138. and also sign chiquinho estoril for bachup for pedro neto his ovr must from 77-83 at this point and he is a cheap option (he signed for wolves in irl)

  139. you dont bench raphinha only because you are trying to justify replacing a vervy young trincao with a prime raphinha that is nowhere near as good at his full potential as trincao will be and trincao already surpassed him in overall. you made a terrible decision and all the viewers knew it. admit it.

  140. PCQ: Replace Ait Nouri for some good left back. I think Ait Nouri is not so good and the players like Renan Lodi or Reguillon could be better.

  141. Pcq: sign ibrahimovic’s regen because i think that he has growed and is a good replacement for ronaldo as he retires,
    Try a swap deal with silva to make the transfer fee a bit cheaper

  142. Pcq: a while ago you added a rule that says only one release clause can get met per window and you don’t have to let go of the player if the release clause does get met.

  143. PCQ Recall Watkins and convert him to LW so he can be back up to Neto and as you are in the UCL you will need the squad depth to compete in the Prem UCL and the cup competitions

  144. Pcq: if Pickford decides to leave, sign Andre Onana as the keeper. And if you decide to let go Ait Nouri, sign Alex Grimaldo the Spanish left back from Benfica.

  145. PCQ: For a left-back role try signing Diogo Dalot, you should should able to afford him if you do a swap deal for Nourri and still have some money for young players.

  146. PCQ: I think u should go for a swap deal in January exchange Ait- Nouri plus like 20 Million for Chilwell because Chilwell is only 24 and he’s 82 the same as Ait Nouri but he’s just i higher quality player and can provide more assists for Ronaldo

    • The reason I think January is bc I think u should see if Ait Nouri grows well and performs well and it gives time to decide

  147. 17:08 S2G :- Can we take a moment and laugh at arsenal they are 18th in the league
    Puado :- and I took that personally😂😂😂
    Karma strikes back at S2G 😂😂🤣🤣

  148. pcq i suggest to replace Ait Nouri with Alex Telles he will be on the older side but then maybe u could loan out Ait Nouri

  149. Pcq: add adama to loan list. Competition in 1st team is too big. Team plays better when neto and raphina are on the pitch Hes 82 rated he could be starter in many teams
    If he would shine during loan spell he could challenge to be starter again rn its impossible

  150. PCQ: Try to include Ait Nouri in a swab deal with Joao Cancelo. He’s Portuguese and seems like he’d fit into the team well.

  151. Pcq: Sign Renan Lodi to improve that left back position, he has pace so you can use your full backs to drive forward. But another option is Angelino because he has pace to go forward and deliver a great cross in to the attack and can be your new corner-kick taker.

  152. Pcq: Sign Lunin , he is young , he should be 80 something the time you buy him , has high potential and yeah he is a great option

  153. Pcq: in my carrer mode I realised the same with ait nouri but put a defensive plan on him to add up his def awareness and it worked

  154. If Pickford Leaves, sign someone like Diogo Costa. He’s young and probably good in your save, but he also gives you room to sign a left back.

  155. PCQ: If your looking for a left back to replace ait nouri I suggest you sign someone like Ben chillwell who is decently high rated and will and some good experience into the squad

  156. PCQ: Why sign a new lb when you have Vinagre on the bench, try him out for a few matches before you make a decision whether you want a new signing or not

  157. pcq: you should sell Braganca. You can get good money for him and you also have other midfielders like Dendoncker or Gibbs-White.

  158. pcq: a good ronaldo replacement would be johnathon david and i believe you have never used him in career mode so you can try a new player to

  159. PCQ: Sign Nuno Mendes for that RB position because he is young has loads of potential and is amazing in both attack and defence. Maybe worth trying a swap deal with Vinagre; Ait Nouri will still be a great option for the bench. And he is not that expensive so you will have money left for a keeper.

  160. Your saying cristiano ronaldo could be on his way out but last episode in the Liverpool game I think it was be shined as a leader of your squad so maybe ronaldo has a season left in him

  161. Pcq: what about keeping Ronaldo for this year and sign Rafael Leao next season as a replacement for Ronaldo and Leao would be your Portuguese signing

  162. The build up play is million times better with your new CDM and neves at CM getting up the pitch is showing how good he is because he seems to be all over the ball now

  163. Been wanting to comment this for a while, but I have to now because of your comment on Ait Nouri. Dude, JUST KICK THE BALL OUT. QUIT TRYING TO SHORT PASS IT WHILE IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR GOAL

  164. Your saying cristiano ronaldo could be on his way out but last episode in the Liverpool game I think it was be shined as a leader of your squad so maybe ronaldo has a season left in him

  165. PCQ: I think you should keep Jacob Watkins as a striker he could get headers. and you won’t need to sign more people, and you should start focusing on your youth academy, your players are getting old and you have to focus on your future to.

  166. PCQ: Mabey you could sign Luke Shaw for a new left back, he’s only 26, lots of room to grow, although he is a big asset to Man United and he might be expensive.

  167. PCQ: Keep Ronaldo till he retires. You won’t get a lot of money in return if you sell Ronaldo since he’s almost 40. And plus, with his value, you will still need to pay a lot of money if you plan on getting a world class striker in a swap deal. Just please keep him for 1 more season.

  168. Bring Jacob watkins back and send him out on loan again hes overall may go up and send him out on loan, some English football experience will be great and realistic!!

  169. PCQ: (Suggestion) I think you should try out a 4-3-3 False 9 for a match that isn’t in the UCL or against a big team in the League

  170. These transfers are so unrealistic that it just makes people stop watching the career mode cause it’s unrealistic and boring with the team just dominating with all big players.

  171. PCQ: Do you plan on buying additional young Portuguese LW? and any other backup players in your reserves? That way u will not be too worried on player’s fitness in every matches

  172. Sell Adama Traoré cause he’s not clinical enough and bring in El Hirving Lozanoo 🇲🇽 he’s got the speed and he’’s Clinical in front of goal

  173. PCQ you should sign Reguilon for the left back position as he is quite attacking and still a solid defender. As you play with wing backs

  174. PCQ: Try some Portuguese GK ( Diogo Costa,Luis Maximiliano ,Rui Silva,…) or approach Dean Henderson in case Pickford leave.

  175. PCQ: I think you should let pickford go and get emi martinez and you could sign Angelio he is a left back with a lot of potential.


  177. PCQ : Nuno Mendes would be good for that left back position
    He is young good player and better than AIT Nouri.
    For that Goalkeeper spot. I prefer Donnaruma or Ederson. Donnaruma might be expensive. Ederson might not be that expensive.
    It’s your choice

  178. Sign jota he is younger then ronaldo and has great potential until ronaldo retires you could swap jota and ronaldo plus he’s a flashback signing

  179. Pcq: I don’t think you should keep Adama Traore because as you saw in the arsenal match, all he’s got is pace. Sign a free agent or something and sell traore

  180. PCQ: Fabio silva should be given more chances as I personally think he can be a good false nine to make your wingers shine

  181. PCQ: you should buy theo from ac Milan he got a lot of speed and you should replace him with aït nouri and he is a left back

  182. Pcq: if Pickford does leave, try signing Manuel neuer or even lloris, both are great keepers, and if u do wanna sell ait nouri maybe bring in tyrell malacia, if u have enuf money

  183. Pcq: You should give more chances to Fabio Silva. In case Ronaldo retires next season, you may rely on him and use Jacob Watkins as a sub.

  184. PCQ: David De Gea is the wonderful Goalkeeper sign him he would be the best choice .He would be the best replacement for Jordan pickford

  185. You are looking for a left back. I recommend Joao Cancelo because he highly links with Dias and Pedro Porro and you are weakening a title rival

  186. Pcq: I feel like raphinha has been one of the biggest let down signings you have made he’s just usles cant score from decent positions yes he makes assists some times but I don’t think that this raphinha is same as he was in other series I think you must sell him or swap for someone better

  187. Pcq: If Pickford is sold you should sign Diogo Costa or Gregor Kobel cause they are both young and have high potential

  188. PCQ: IF Pickford leaves try signing Gregor Kobel from BVB. He is swiss and should be 25yo. He also has a great rating and has room to grow.

  189. pcq: sign bijlow as GK because he is young and good potential and no one ever uses him. also feyenoord is very talented, so maybe do like a feyenoord fixing. because they dont do so good in eredivisie at the moment

  190. Pcq: if you play player with low stamina, they will not play well as when they fit. So you need to see the team schedule so you could rotate the squad if the match day is close

  191. PCQ: Sign Ryan Gravenberch; he will be the perfect fit in midfield. Tall; Strong; Good on ball & really young. He would compliment Bruno Guimarães perfectly.

  192. I’ve been typing this forever Jacob Watkins is a CAM like he has 92 dribbling now if u convert him to cam I think 80+ alr

  193. You are looking for a left back. I recommend Joao Cancelo because he highly links with Dias and Pedro Porro and you are weakening a title rival

  194. Pcq: It seems your defence is lacking someone that will lessen the rate of you conceding goals. The one for this job is Álex Centelles.
    He is a LB he is young and will definitely be sold at a cheaper price. No risk no reward.

  195. i think you relpace him because by janaury he will be like 86 rated and i dont think you want a stricker that low rate

  196. Video Idea: make a video about the future stars
    Create a club and buy every future stars in first season from every position like haaland pedri gavi mbappe foden…
    And sim them for 10 season

  197. Hey sid, I think you should make a new series called life of s2g, where u start of as a manager of a small club, and build yourself up over time.

  198. Pcq:I think you should replace ronaldo in the january transfer window becaude he will drop in raiting as he is 38 and when u are using him the whole team has to play it to him because he is the center of the attack and he doesnt connect the team around and doesnt give the rest of the team many chances u should give fabio silva more chances as he connects the team really good

  199. PCQ: Just for rotation for Jordan Pickford you could get Nick Pope from Burnley he has a lot of potential despite his age and i think he would fit your squad or you could try signing Rui Patricio from Sporting cause he also has a lot of potential and hes from Portugal and would link with Ruben Dias well and fits your squad even better!

  200. Sell Ait-Nouri for Marc Cucurella. If he’s a LM it’s easy to convert him to a LWB, I signed him in my Wolves CM and he’s OP

  201. PCQ: I feel you should look in the free agents list for regens of Messi, Ronaldo (when he retires at the end of this season), Benzema, Ramos etc. They’ll cost 0 money and be absolutely brilliant for you.

  202. Pcq : sign mason greenwood has he got a good pace and good finishing plus he is young… He is quite cheap too.. u can swap deal Ronaldo with greenwood too

  203. Sign mykolenko for ait nouri, u saw how good he was in the everton rebuild, has good pace, good potential and is a player u haven’t signed in any of ur career modes


  205. pcq: you can sign theo hernandez as a left back. he has 93 pace and 81 dribbling, I think he can use his pace to drive the ball foward

  206. PCQ:maybe u should get gabriel jesus as a replacement for cr7 hes great in fifa 22 career mode grows really fast u should try him or u could get ferland mendy for left back

  207. Pcq: I think it is absolutely necessary to sign a left back
    Ait nouri has been very average and committing way too many mistakes at the back, you should look for replacements

  208. PCQ : For Left Back, sign ferland mendy or David alaba he can play as both cb or LB and for Goalkeeper you should try signing dean henderson or emi martiniez or andriy lunin.

  209. Press conference: i think that on the attack pedro neto is a problem bcs you cant cut inside and shout and you always have to go for a cross

  210. PCQ: Once you see Ronaldo drop form you should try to sell him for cash and attempt to go for someone else. Like Joao Felix?

  211. If ait nouri leaves, you should sign Nuno Mendes to replace him. Hes got decent pontential and hes only 19 irl, but in your save hes probably 21. He fits the kind of signing wolves would make and hes portuguese

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