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198 thoughts on “TOTS FUT CHAMPS REWARDS! – PC ROAD TO GLORY Ep.27 #FUT20 Ultimate Team”

  1. Big ups to EA.

    Eventually took me 3 months to recover my hacked account to find out it’s been cleared loosing well over 5 million coins.

    EA: We can offer you a 200k goodwill gesture.

    • Yeh he’s done the pack (got Raul) and is getting Maldini, I’m doing the same but I got Pires from my pack, hbu???

  2. Nep i love your RTG i started too first ownd RTG i do evry step Like YOU AND my team is good as yours od not beter AND i don t understand why People think that this FIFA is hard IT is easy just boring

  3. Should I take tradeable or untradeable div rivals rewards? Im saving packs for prem totssf tomorrow. Really need some advice

  4. I’m doing the lib sud grind and the lueage SBC grind should I sell my players that I get in the lib sud grind or keep

  5. Nep. You are genuinely one of my Favourite youtubers out there. People are obviously going to have their opinions etc but I think you’re one of the most down to earth people on here. I may not agree with EVERYTHING you say, but I certainly do respect it. Keep up the great work!!

  6. Hey nep after this game cycle ends would u consider doing a mini pro clubs series with skillz, Nick etc.? I was watching your series with ksi and brought back some really good memories mate

  7. It’s been horrible doing these objectives – I went from div 5 to 9 cause I got so mad at the game😵😂 love the content neppo👌👍

  8. Honestly the hardest objectives ever had to do, everything was easy except the fucking crosses mate. Shit is crazy.

  9. nep i like ur content but man do u complain a lot. We get it the gameplay is bad, we get it they watch their replays, we get it they scored a jammy goal. We all deal with this stuff and complaining constantly not only doesn’t help with anything but it makes you act more toxic as well.

  10. What’s up guys hope you are all keeping safe! let me know in the comments below what you got in your FUT champs rewards!?

  11. Yo nep , how much further do you recon you would be if this wasn’t a first owner rtg or do you recon you would be further behind if it was first owner ?

  12. * Looks at Nepenthez skill rating thinks hey we have similar skill rating seconds later Nepenthez says look at my skill rating it’s embarrassing… 😞thanks i know im trash at this game

  13. Jeez the Laporte objectives are sooooooo stressful, I only need 1 more cross and it’s honestly so hard, tots Icardi makes the objective sooooo much easier cuz he can actually head the ball and is usually in the right position.

  14. David De Gea…..

    What a rip off!! EA taking this time to release SBC’s to suck coins off the market to make them more money as people will buy Fifa Points is DIGUSTING!

    Why can’t these moments cards for “Coronavirus Aid” be available as community objectives? They’re being released as these players did amazing things for their communities.

    All they had to do is add DDG to milestones as a community challenge:

    Objective 1: score 1,000,000 goals across all game modes (all players all platforms)

    Objective 2: Play 100,000 games in all game modes (all players all platforms)

    But sadly no EA using these SBC’s for their own game. This games potential will forever be wasted.

    • 100,000 games!!! I haven’t even played 1,000 games this fifa, the way they’re doing it is fine, we already have THREE players to grind for, how many more do u want 😆

  15. You say you hate playing in a certain manner so why play it?! That makes the game a chore rather than a game which is ridiculous, surely you’d have a lot more fun playing a certain style although losing a few more? Love the content so not a dig

  16. I really like watching the gameplay and how you score to complete the objectives while also making me a better player. Keep up the brilliant work ❤️

  17. Nep I’m not lying i did 3 mid icon packs and packed canavaro petit and PELE is that good(i have proof i can show to you all) and i just have 2-3 weeks with this acc

  18. Hi Nep, I followed your advice and started grinding the Sudeamericana SBC and it has helped me make massive profits. Thank you so much and keep safe

  19. I eventually got the Thuram objective, but the grind was soooo long. So many players dropping down to lower leagues and divisions too? The in-game content is as good as it has been for a while, but it’s so aids

  20. Are you getting stream snipped or do you think it’s a placebo? Meaning your not concentrating on the stream and engaging with them so you put 100% into the game your playing when off stream. Just an observation I’ve noticed you saying it regularly.
    Enjoying the content and I’ve not played in 3 months and feel good for it.

  21. This game a fucking joke. I need 1 more outside box goal for Laporte. since needing 1 goal I’ve hit the bar or post god know how many times. I’m literally giving away wins and still cant get it fucking done.

  22. I went through a patch of people pausing and quiting before kick off when trying to do objectives, if you’re going to quit at least give the opponent the win

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