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209 thoughts on “TOTS ICARDI IS INSANE! – PC ROAD TO GLORY Ep.23 #FUT20 Ultimate Team”

  1. Let’s all thank the wonderful fut economist for being so generous and allowing us to do upgrade packs For a whole 24hrs

  2. Everyone should do this weeks marquee matchups. I packed Sergio Busquets in the arsenal Liverpool pack and Dybala in the final reward pack 👌

  3. Nep genuinely look at the eridivesie sbc, basically all silver packs which r good and making loads of profit. Better than sudamericana for me

  4. I run a team of players i like IRL rather than whos good on fifa and try and score fun goals. Im a bad example though bc i dont play champs

  5. Did 8 swaps tokens Thuram and Toney before going into champs. I can tell you if you like icardi you will LOVE Thuram he is sensational especially for an objective card

    • 04 FOREVER INVINCIBLE thats what I have on him, he is excellent even on 8 chem wins 90% of headers perfect finishing great pace maxed strength and surprisingly good on the ball for a 6”4 3*3* player

    • kavan hyland I don’t know why people hate on hi
      Him for 64 balance when winter refresh Ibra has like 43 or sumn like that

  6. For me I deal with it by telling myself I must have made a mistake or 1 time the cheese will go in my favour and finally when I’m too frustrated I tell myself you know you can turn it off right? Then I search for another games and rinse and repeat as above. If that’s not how you do it you ARE doing it wrong 🤦‍♂️

  7. i enjoy fifa by – not playing FUT champs. I have played all year and got basically nothing. Best finish was gold 1 and got better rewards from gold 3 so only played there for a while but it just became boring and i honestly think it was the right decision to just play rivals as i find it less of a grind

    • maxerpro I think it’s to keep them playing, getting people on their game so that they have a chance of spending money, but the grinders aren’t rewarded as they don’t give they money, absolute shite company

    • @Tony Edgal i started my new account when nep started this rtg and i got 94 hazard out of a 80 player pick. Even if u dont have good pack luck making a good team on this game is easy asf

    • @Bought Pegas havent spent money but ive grinded and i have been rewarded. Ik thats not the case with everybody, on my old account i got moments baresi. But my friend who never gets anything got busquets 15 mins after tots came out from marquee matchups. Tots is much easier to pack players, so you will have a stacked team by the end of it

  8. Nep what I do is try to play lovely fifa, and not caring about winning. That’s strange because you end up winning and playing good fifa, and I’m sure you will enjoy. Keep it up bro!

    • I try that but since passing is awful I can’t, really just wanna get some tiki taka stuff going and ea mess up every pass

  9. love this content nepo. I havent played fifa for 3 months until last week but I still watched your videos. Keep up the good work!

  10. More and more I believe fifa points shouldn’t exist, I’m not the best player at all but this game and this community is more and more toxic, this is the main reason why fifa is “so bad”.

    People spend money in this game like they don’t have a life to live, then when something good happens in objectives for players like me who don’t spend money in the game, suddently all of these toxic players drop divisions, play with god squads and are still shushing and watching the full replay after scoring a rebound goal like they won the world cup.

    The drop of Laporte today is the given proof for me why this game is not rewarding for the common player like me, it’s not fun anymore. Call me salty if you want, fifa is not good anymore and the fifa community is the one to blame.

  11. Honestly, I just get through the game by talking to my boys while playing bc it’s too boring otherwise. That’s basically how we all get through weekend league

  12. Weekend league has never been worse in my experience. I usually start 14-2 or at worst 14-5 but this week I’m 8-9 everything feels off, so many shit goals and just feels so off? Not looking forward to next weekend if that’s meant to be Prem lol

  13. Almost broke my wrist with how hard I punched the ground after the tackle drops straight back to him for the third time that game in the 120th min to win

  14. Nep ur letting the game get to ur head again. You need to get to that mental stage again where u don’t care about the game and play for fun 👍

  15. I definitely don’t consider myself the greatest of Fifa players (average 14-17 wins weekend league) but Im finding the game genuinely difficult lately. Feel like no matter my opponents team or their ability, I’m fighting the game more than them 🙄

  16. to get through the grind me and my friend have different consoles so we can’t play together but we facetime each other and joke around and it makes games more fun especially when the game screws u over. BTW i watch both ur channels nd that makes fifa fun the content is great

  17. Nep: it’s been a loooong time since I packed anything good

    Also Nep: packs Neymar more recently than I packed my last huge pull but is sitting there saying it’s a loooong time since I packed anything good, so imagine ME

    • Jonathan Pinnock, poor you, Nep invests more time in a week into this game then you would in a month, at least. He opens 10x the amount of packs than anyone else (because it’s his job), for him not packing a walkout iN a couple weeks is AGES

  18. Use to play drop back 2 depth and found game boring and got no fun out of it but now i play the game without that and it’s more fun cuz of it

  19. With team of the season coming out with diff teams each week it would be more fun to go back to your old Rtg and make crazy teams, this rtg just makes me jealous you have this team already😂

  20. Not sure if you mentioned but will you go for the tots and Laporte objective players love the content keep up the good work

  21. I play fut champs while talking to my friends in a ps4 party. That’s the only way I enjoy it just by laughing thru the conversations

  22. Today i packed gulacsi and he fits staright in my team and played bout 6 games 2 wins but iam not even trying iam starting to try on sundays

  23. Nep I know you can’t but to keep calm playing and enjoy it I just don’t talk, once you start talking you start shouting and it gets your blood boiling, but because you’re a content creator you sort of can’t for ur stream but if u can try implement it in some way it works for me

  24. Last weekend I played with my normal team with Brewster and was actually having an alright time, but this week the sweats are all back playing the worst way possible and getting AIDS for them all the time , this game really needs balancing

  25. I don’t enjoy the gameplay most of the time, there is the odd occasion I do enjoy playing the game, for some reason my motivation comes from knowing I can continuously upgrade my team every few weeks atleast with new types of cards that come out.

  26. I honestly prefer to watch you and other content creators play the game than actually play it.. So many people on drop back camped in their box all game it is just so demoralising and boring. I pray to god FIFA 21 improves

  27. Given up on this game for a month now. Really don’t understand how people invest so much time into this game. Such a dead game

  28. There’s no point in playing a game ur not enjoying. Use the players u like and play a style of play that is nice to watch and you’ll enjoy yourself

    • I don’t even get pissed when a good player playing attacking just when I play someone who defends the whole time

  29. Enjoying games, I try to score skill goals. Funnily it usually costs me a few wins I’m champs but I’m playing to have fun and if I lose a few extra oh well. It’s champs. I’m gonna lose a fair few through dodgy game mechanics anyways

  30. Nep I’m sure you already know but you still have the fut birthday border around your face cam, nether the less keep it up my man 👍🏻

  31. I played 18 games this weekend league(will finish still sadly remaining games) and I did not enjoy single game and I am 14-4…ffs ea do something to this sad game because this is sh*t ,at least passing should be better to enjoy at least something and not to make plays ingame that i dont want to do

  32. @NepentheZ 2 How do I enjoy the game? Well I don’t have the game the only joy I have is watching you as I can’t afford the game 🙁

  33. I know you’re done with this account and i know how it can be frustrating playing this game but i like this pc rtg content a lot bc of the things you’ve done so far it feels more reachable before this series i dont even know how to get sbc players long story short i love this series and i hope you continue 👏(and please stay safe)

  34. I don’t enjoy the gameplay Nep, I’m seriously questioning my sanity for playing a video game that makes me stress out so much. 😞

  35. I packed a tots Thiago untraceable but I do not know where to play him in my 4231 team, CDM or cam. Where should I play him

  36. Nap I don’t enjoy the game I literally lose my mind playing it every day I question why I play it all the time yet I still play it I don’t know why but this game is a joke this year and the gameplay is awful atm

  37. Hi Nepenthez, why do you think EA have limited the upgrade packs to a 24 hour block, struggling to understand the decision, especially considering it’s one of the greatest things about team of the season.

  38. Hey, I’m also having problems enjoying the game for a long time now. I only play it for the rewards hoping to get something that makes me happy. This game is discussing, the amount of cheese goals, ridiculous misses and all the other stuff. This makes me think that this game requires less skill than ever and most times it comes down to who ea wants to win. Simple example is watching Gorrila and see that he got one 30-0 all year. How one of the best players in the world can’t make top 100 in his rtg with some op teams. Either way, love your videos and hope I play you someday on pc

  39. That server crash happened to me 3 times in champs yesterday, gave me 2 losses and then one didn’t count, was winning all 3 games, EA are a joke man

  40. Just started up Fifa20 on PC this week as well, just got Icon and first big SBC player… Feel I can keep enjoying gameplay when you just accept losses and the FIFA bs, not getting annoyed by it. It’s way more enjoyable to just relax and play, not caring too much when stuff doesn’t go your way. Loving the series, keep it up 👌🏻

  41. To answer your question…i don’t enjoy gameplay. All I think about is “after this I can stop playing, just want rewards”

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