99 thoughts on “TOTSSF EVENT IS HERE FIFA MOBILE 20 !?”

  1. it’s not first comment😭
    Are my Tots design good?
    Sub his channel and My Channel
    thanks to watch this video!

  2. Bro i got de bruyne from 50k packs and you still cannot get an elite from 250k 😂😂😂 ijk don’t take it seriously.

  3. She: What would you rather choose?
    Never watch futminer videos and be with me
    Or just see futminer videos
    Me: Go home safely sis

  4. Fut miner: uploads
    Me:likes the video immediately
    Fut miner :leave a like if u enjoyed the video
    Me :going to like the video
    Me after 2 sec:seeing that i already have liked it

  5. Me i have a bundesliga squad

    Me after 10 minutes i packed alisson 87

    Me after 1 hour lets make a premier league squad

  6. Hey man I respect your attempt of designing the tots for us but you have just transferred the great Spanish cdm Sergio Busquets to France. The card has the French tricolour.

  7. i feel terrible to say this because usally you know how to do this but what the hell? you literrally put all liverpool players like come on man thats sad and kdb is better than vvd

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