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  1. This is the end. If i ever see one comment that has something to do with ‘youtube being drunk’ i’m going to go crazy

  2. You know the feeling when you’re watching something and then Cani drops a video.

    Me:leave that video and start watching Cani sports

  3. Hey cani, I have good idea. In order to have more interesting interactions with your fans you should make something like a question of the day. It would be a good way to know different opinion on different interesting comments, hope this would be a good fit for the channel. Like so Cani can see.

  4. Cani upload the newcastle episode everyday and the benjamin episode every second day…cause the newcastle episode is more entertaining. Like if you guys agree with me👍❤.

  5. I havent watched you in montha and im impressed

    that you still cant get a clean sheet

    And bardhi is still on your team

  6. #Fanobjective
    The Saint : Allan Saint-Maximin have to get 0 yellow or red cards all season long ( not including simulations and matches that passed)

  7. Cani u should bring back what u did in the leyton orient career mode where u upgrade a players potential or there rating(or even downgrade) if they are playing way better or worse then there rating. Like so cani can see

  8. man you should show some rage when things doesn’t go in your way…you are way too polite….. look at masterbucks for an example

  9. #forfiets benchwarmers Cani where a shalke 04 kit, Everton kit, and an England kit and sing an everton chant

  10. Jamie Crilly starts at 70 ovr, you should snap him up for 100 mil. An absolute bargain, that.
    Edit: Thanks to you all for the likes!!!

  11. I have recomendations for Dubravka as he is getting older and older and Jetro Willems
    1.Pavlenka, Werder Bremen. Although he is too expensive his contract expires at 2021 from 63k to 130k

    2.For next season if u get enough money, Alex Telles, Porto. 84 rated u probably know him and he has a potential to 84 to 85 or 86 it depends.

    Like so Cani sees this p.s. I loved ur Newcastle content since FIFA 19 so it would be a dream if u saw this

  12. you should have signed at least one elite young talent in this transfer window… like aourar, upamecano or tonali

  13. Cani please put almiron at cam at some point he plays there in real life and is amazing! Try it. He will score for sure!

  14. Ask s2g because he has polls on his vids
    Aaand when you buy young players delegate the wages so you can glitch their potential but don’t do it when the player has potential to be special then he will get downgraded to exciting prospect

  15. Matip always performances against you. I remember when he scored a banger against you in coach to glory.

  16. I recommended players not just for summer but also for winter window. Didn’t mean to do you with Okereke.

  17. Joelinton is more like a creative player than a deadly striker. So I prefer 4231 with Joelinton as CAM or CF. Like so Cani can see.

  18. Get Lunin. He’s a Ukrainian goalkeeper pretty young but plays like Alison. He should be abt 18 or 19. HES A STUD

  19. Train Sean Longstaff so he can take over the position of Sanson who is not playing that well at the moment.

    • Train them both up because everyone here wants to see them make it at Newcastle. They work so well together in real life and would love to see them link up here.

  20. Is that Skov playing for Brighton? The guy who was one of your best players in the previous Newcastle career mode??

  21. Cani try and sing Karamoko Dembele very exciting prospect

    And maybe Dean Henderson and also Greenwood from Man United

  22. Striker and centre forward from Argentina with a bad weak foot and good skills. Reminds me of someone…

  23. Danny Rose is on loan at Newcastle. He could have been a good option. But he is nowhere to be seen on your squad.

  24. #FanObjectives
    Benjamin? Is that you!:
    Get 7 goal contributions with with the likes of the new Argentinean youth striker Orellana.


  26. Cani, U should change the formation to 4231 for a more attacking football giving instructions to the volland to get in behind the defence

  27. Hey Cani, you definitely have to make this talent the next Benjamin. Argentinian striker fits the profile 🤟🏽

  28. I was playing a Newcastle career mode and beat Liverpool in the first season at anfield 3 nill and I support man utd

  29. Hey Cani, you should bring back the Cheat Engine and get Geertruida at his 70 rating since it isn’t anyone fault and at some point, you could even do like it used to be in the Leyton Orient CM, where you could upgrade players based on their potentials
    Please like it so Cani can see!

  30. If you want a left back Brandon Williams from man utd is the way to go. He is a beast in fifa. Like so cani can see it.

  31. I am so excited for the new youth academy talent!!!! I can’t wait how he’s gonna be named and what his looks are gonna be!!!

  32. I signed Openda in my ShefWed career mode and he scored over twenty goals a season every season. Beast.

  33. Cani, maybe every episode you can make a vote for who was the best player in the episode and in the next episode announce who was that player?

  34. Cani backstory for orellna the youth talent
    He grew up in the back streets of Argentina and his idol is aguero. When he was 5 his dad went to get the milk and died while there. His mother jumped of a bridge so he went to a foster mother and she took him to trials as Newcastle and got in.
    This is the first one I know it’s bad lol but like so cani can see or so someone else can make a better one.

  35. Hey Cani can you think about doing daily uploads? We love your content the best on YouTube! Plus a marquee signing would be great for Newcastle given that they have been taken over by a billionaire!

  36. Get rid of Almiron!! He’s the whorst player in the team and you keep him on for 90mins. Also put the new 16yar old Argentinian on the bench, bring him on last 10/15 mins of a game start getting him involved in first team football.

  37. If you want a backup striker by junuary buy Timothy Weah a young American talent that in the start is 2 mil with 69 overall and a potential of about 85 also If you need a GK I say that you can get get lafont or lunin a Ukrainian GK with 78 rating and about 85 potential

  38. Cani that’s unrealistic. Old owner would make more decent signings than the players you signed. You should buy 3 very good players and build the team around them.. just like psg man city did in the start of the Arabs takeover

  39. What will happen if you get sacked after a hard hitting game
    Will the series just end or wil you start again

  40. Liverpool is a joke in fifa they just play so high line that one pass and we score and if we score 5 goals then also AI doesn’t understand it, its idiotic

  41. If you want to buy players you need to scout then before, because then the game recommend the players value, like so cani can see

  42. If you need a center back to become better than your current CB go for a clear choice go for Tommory that plays for Chelsea when you get another chance to get doku you should really try again because I have him and his an actual beast but he’ll need some training in fitness

  43. cani pls are you going to be doing any manual upgrades if players dont inrease in thier stats .pls pls like so cani can see

  44. This formation doesn’t seem to be working cani maybe kalvin would be better in the main XI for defensive stability so maybe a 4-3-3 the OG formation?
    Like so cani can see

    • He singed him in an old fifa Liverpool career mode and he was a beast for him . He’s a legend in this career mode for all he did for cani I’m the Liverpool career mode.

  45. Try to sign Robert Skov like you did in FIFA 19.
    He is a left back in FIFA 20 and is 75 rated and is 23 years Old, but as you know he can also play more an offensive kind of position, so he would be a beast of a super sub in many positions, and maybe a starter.
    Like so cani can see.

  46. Next time the transfer window opens sell Fabian Schar I haven’t seen anything in him and I think he is not good and he is one of the reasons why your loosing so much. Like so cani can see

  47. Kalvin Phillips deserves a spot in the first team and after that defeat against Brighton, Kalvin Phillips would be such a much better player defensively than Sanson

  48. Cani add Jakub Markovic to your shortlist for January he plays for salvia Praha. He has loads of potential . I am three seasons in and he is 81 rated but he has the stats of 86 rated goalkeeper. He only cost about 1.2 million. Like so Cani can see

    • Try doing rebuilds , I don’t know what teams to do as well but ima try doing a rebuild. Or just go for a big team and have fun lol , or a small team if your looking for a challenge.

  49. You should have brought Dest from Ajax into the team man… Not only because I’m an Ajax fan:)

  50. Bro in January try to sign Milot Rashica, i know that you have used him in the past, but he is an amazing player, like so cani can see

  51. You should buy skov since he was a beast last Newcastle career mode but he went to Brighton so u will have to wait a season or so

  52. Sasnon is not a cdm move him at cam and in cdm move Phillips…also the best place to play almiron is cam, he will be really usefull with his pace and assists

  53. Hi cani or anyone here , if you have an origin account with FIFA 16 on it , (deluxe edition) , please give me the licence code of the game or the origin account to just submit it to play FIFA 16 then I’ll remove it , to contact me for help, plz respond here and invite me on facebook , my FB name in it is seddik ezzine with a Liverpool logo on it, please anyone responds to me , I have a potato pc and that is the best game I can play on this piece of crap , i’m sooo sad

  54. #transfersuggestions
    I have all these players in my Düsseldorf career mode btw

    Dominik Szobszlai:
    Club: RB Salzburg
    Age: 17
    Rating: 74
    Nation: Hungary
    Positions: LM,RM,CAM
    Foot: Right
    Skills: 4
    Weak foot: 4
    Worth: £9 Mil

    Charles De Ketelaere:
    Club: Club Brugge
    Age: 17
    Rating: 70
    Nation: Belgium
    Foot: Left
    Positions: CAM,CF,ST
    Skills: 3 star
    Weak foot: 4 star
    Worth: £3.3 Mil

    Karim Adeyemi:
    Club: RB Salzburg
    Age: 16
    Rating 67
    Nation: Germany
    Positions: ST,LW,RW
    Foot: Left
    Skills: 4 star
    Weak foot: 3 star
    Worth: £1.4 Mil

    Ryan Gravenberch:
    Club: Ajax
    Age: 16
    Rating: 70
    Nation: Netherlands
    Positions: CM,CDM
    Foot: Right
    Skills: 3
    Weak foot: 3
    Worth: £3.2 Mil

    Arne Maier:
    Club: Herta Berlin
    Age: 19
    Rating: 76
    Nation: Germany
    Positions: CM, CDM
    Foot: Right
    Skills: 3 star
    Weak foot: 3 star
    Worth: £10.8 Mil

    Joško Gvardiol:
    Club: Dinamo Zagreb
    Age: 17
    Rating: 67
    Nation: Croatia
    Positions: CB, LB
    Foot: Left
    Skills: 2
    Weak foot: 4
    Worth: £1,3 Mil

    Donnyell Malen
    Club: PSV Eindhoven
    Age: 19
    Rating: 77
    Nation: Netherlands
    Positions: ST, LW
    Foot: Right
    Skills: 4
    Weak foot: 3
    Worth: £12.6 Mil

    I am your free scout Cani 🙂

  55. sign brandon Williams as a back up full back he will eventually make it into your starting line up I bought him in my career mode and got him to a 92 rating which is insane for a full back. Shortlist him and sign him in january
    Like so cani can see !

  56. Hey Cani when you are winning I think it would be better to go to the 4-2-3-1 because it is more defensive than the 4-1-2-1-2

  57. Hey Cani, You should buy Pedri for the next transfer window, he is a 17 year old left mid playing for Barca. He starts with a rating of 72 and he’s potantial is 89!!
    (sorry for my bad english i am from the Netherlands) like so Cani can see.

  58. Cani, please i think you should sign Mitchell van Bergen , alan velasco and leandro trossard , van bergen is a really cheat code in fifa 20. LIKE SO CANI CAN SEE PLS

  59. #fanobjective The Australian Rival. Get Enis Bardhi more goal contributions than Aaron Moy. Like so Cani can see

  60. My goodness, this goalkeeper is trash man…Cani Newcastle needs a goalkeeper, that’s for sure…the current one is a rice farmer from China…the goal keeping position needs an upgrade Cani

  61. We’ve got Enis, Almiron and schar at the fullbacks it’s willems and lala
    We are going for top 6 we are getting nearer our German beast volland is the new shearer

  62. Did anyone noticed robert SKOV number 10 (old career mode Newcastle player) playing against them in Brighton shirt?

  63. I did a takeover of Newcastle and in Season 2022-23 this is my team


    GK: Dean Henderson 83
    LB: Danny Rose 81
    CB: James Tarkowski 82
    CB: Presnel Kimpembe 86
    RB: Matt Doherty 82
    CM: Scott McTominay 81
    CM: John McGinn 82
    CAM: Jack Grealish 84
    LW: Allan Saint-Maximin 82
    ST: Ismaila Sarr 83
    RW: Daniel James 81


    GK: Martin Dubravka 82
    LB: Kieran Tierney 78
    CB: Fabian Schar 81
    CM: Declan Rice 81
    CAM: Miguel Almiron 81
    LW: Myziane Maolida 77
    ST: Joelinton 77

  64. Buy meret as a back up keeper hes 78 rated has 87 potential her should cost around £12.5m but since you are using the realism mod he should be worth more

  65. These episodes are so misleading thought it was a Newcastle takeover rebuild all I see is this dude signing championship level players

  66. I think ur being a bit harsh on joelinton because his passing has been exceptional it’s not just about goals if you’ve got volland

  67. Replace dubravka. Sign Meret. Starts at 79 rated, great potential around 20 y.o. Great gk to build up and go the distance with

  68. This is my suggestion for all the 3rd tier memmbers change orellana to benjamin aguero , Sorry for my bad english

  69. Are you going to do things like upgrading skill moves or weak foot for some players if there are things to do with them?
    Like so Cani can see!

  70. HEY CANI, you should look at guven yalcin he is a 70 rated striker that can also play on the wing he is 20 years old i hope that u see this and buy him the next window

  71. Buy foden because he a young player and he got a best talent for Manchester city…LIKE SO CANI CAN SEE!!!

  72. You should have bought Ollie Watkins Cani. Plays out wide or up front so is a perfect rotation player with decent potential from England. And he’s a realistic age to be playing in the prem. Not a teenager.

  73. Cani, you should have nabil bentaleb Danny Rose & lazaro (inter Milan) as there all at Newcastle IRL atm

  74. Hey Cani!
    Turn on GTN in the cheat engine if you’re not interested in scouting players. Then you will know all details about them and you can offer the right amounts

  75. Pls change the appearance of Orellana to Benjamin’s appearance and his name to Benjamin Aguero Maradona pls

  76. Geetrudia is great! I used him in a RTG and was 63 rated when I signed him and he developed really well. Very pacy and great heading for a CB. Stick with him!

  77. If you need to know a players rating quickly just search them on sofifa and it will show you the value, the rating and potential

  78. you can use pole from player card option when you upload your video, when you click next screen will appear for video elements. In video element go to 2nd option some card or something sorry i dont remeber the exact name just go there and you can choose poll, playlist etc. LIKE SO CANI CAN SEE.

  79. Tyrell malacia is a beter option than geertruida because he starts with a 72 rating and has 3 star skill and 3 star weakfoot same potential

  80. Sign Kubo. Young star from Madrid. Great pace. For fullback, get Max Aarons. And last, Omar AbdulRahman, UAE Messi. I’m using them on my career mode team.

  81. Cani i know how to find the poll i use your discord server at 2pm uk time today i can screeanshare it in the main audio voice channel thx like so cani can see

  82. In january transfers swapp tsitashwili with any player what you want and swap geurttrida with nehuen perez he is 19 years old and his rating is 72 i have nehuen perez in my team when he had a 21 years his rating gone to 79 and in 24 years he got 86 rating

  83. If Joelinton doesn’t perform, go with a 4231 so you can give Phillips more game time. I wanna see that guy starting Cani, make it happen.

  84. Sign Michael Johnston , to get more british players in your squad, a lm who can also play cf and rm, he starts at 70 and has 83 potential. He is very, very pacy with insane dribbling stats for his age and 4 star skills. he is 19 and from Celtic.

  85. Cani, I think you need a better goalie, since Dubravka is 30 and will only decrease in overall anyways, plus he made most of the mistakes leading to goals

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