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356 thoughts on “TWITCH PRIME PACK & TOTS UPGRADE PACKS! – FIFA 20 Ultimate Team”

  1. could you please reply or like bro or drop a sub been here since the fifa 15 time would be much appreciated keep up the good work

  2. You deserved a like on the video just because you knew what day and what day of the week was. Last time I checked a calendar it said February
    Keep it up boss💪

  3. Fifa is facking players that dont give money to the game i opend 50 mega packs no board at al my best was 81 how the hell is that posible that is why i dont give money to the game en look at the sbc it shows that they dont care about the players that play the game but only the money😔😒

  4. Is it just me or are both the packs are 82 rated players guaranteed cause I got 12 of them and only got 82 rated players

  5. So they give us these upgrades for 4 days, yet the league upgrades for 1 day. Its almost as if they know these are bad value

  6. EA content with Nep
    1. If it’s a arsenal player no matter the value its worth it
    2. If nep get a good player out of a upgraded or any other pack sbc it’s good value

    • Why would he get sacked they’re making tons of money , ea loves money its their main objective to destroy our pockets

  7. You gotta look for more of the positives man. All you’ve asked all year is objectives you got them and then you get a great sbc for 82-88 for ridiculously cheap yet spend no time talking about the benefits and straight onto the negatives. I love your vids but feel like your starting to go into this with a negative mindset rather then an unbiased view. Keep going though man big supporter of you.

    • I think he meant the double 82+ and he has a point nepenthez is very negative when it comes to content in fifa.The upgrade sbcs are meant for people who don’t really spend money on packs like myself. And then he’s like “It’s not great value for your money” when all I want is the andrenaline if opening packs without paying real money.

    • @bonk yh but the pack is still not worth the price. It would be worth it if the pack costs an 80 rated squad. Nep is just negative because ea choose to make this sbc over priced when they can make it cheaper

    • stephen orourke I am a big supporter watch all of his vids. I just think he should highlight the benefits of doing an sbc like that which are that u can get a lot of high rated cards for sbc’s. Just because I have a different opinion doesn’t mean I don’t respect the other person (nep in this case)

  8. Hi Nep great video as always.
    Can you please unban me on Twitter my @TYH_21
    Please. I was banned back in 2017 and Im sorry if i offended you back then i really do apologize

  9. I did 5 of the 82-88 upgrades

    All of them apart from one were duplicates where I couldn’t make any coins and all were 82 rated

  10. The last time Twitch gave us a pack I had to mess about with my Twitch account to get it, I had to be signed out of Twitch then sign back in and eventually it turned up, this also involved me re linking my accounts to claim it again, hope this helps anyone.

    • Formation 433 if u did osimhen slap him up top get allan as ur rcm for strong link to lozano slap headliners Sanson at lcm and for to link them all get either an cam icon from swaps and grind french league sbc for your back 4 if u did Rafael slap him left back but if not get malcuit varane militao mendy and areola if u still have the coins get courtois

  11. This is the first time I kinda get lucky, I did 11 of the 82-88 and got boards every time, was able to complete Sahin sbc for 40k total because of it.

  12. Please for anyone that has a solution to this…. I was playing offline drafts and at the end of a match I got logged out so I just thought it was the servers, I tried to log in again and it was the same thing so I left it for about 30 minutes and then my account started saying “this account is invalid”

  13. My twitch prime pack was disgusting. Got 83 Kirk as my loan, the highest rated player from the other 4 was 80 rated duplicate untradable Bakayoko, then my 4 choices from the player pick were 82 Delaney, 82 Munian, 82 Balotelli and 82 Giroud ALL DUPLICATE UNTRADABLE ffs EA

  14. To everyone who didn’t get their twitch prime pack I DMed EA help and they said wait 24 hours so you know what that means we probably ain’t getting em

  15. From the 82-88 I got: TOTSSF Pepe, Lukaku, Coutinho, Vertonghen, Torreira, Ndidi and Bonnaventura for the first time this fifa I got something decent, finally..

  16. The 82+ is a rip off but so much better than the 82-88 sbc, done 5 82+ and had a tossf, Navas, and 3 85s, done 10 82-88’s and had 8 82 rated and 2 83’s, the pack weight is atrocious.

  17. The upgrade packs plus the twitch prime pack basically paid for the Sahin SBC and then got Mertens from one so the coins I spent I got pack plus more

  18. why twitch asks to add credit card if i already did this? and when i press claim pack , asks to sign up, but i’m already logged in to my accaunt. wtf is that

  19. Hi nep really love ur content but can you stop complaining all the time over little stuff. Other that keep up the good work and stay safe

  20. i did 30 of the 82-88 packs, my best players were 88 lloris, 87 totssf swift, 86 totw tadic, 87 totw arnautovic and 85 burki

  21. I really how the league specific upgrade packs are 11 rare golds. Otherwise we have nothing to do with our 75-80 rated rares

  22. Are we just going to forget that EA still owe thousands of players a free Mega Pack from the FUT Birthday objectives that glitched out? It’s been what, nearly a month and we still haven’t got it yet? It’s ridiculous

  23. In my twitch pack i got the league 1 Rotherham CB, skipped through and he wasn’t even my loan, he was one of my golds, had to double check, surprised me

  24. Literally every time you open a pack that’s 82+ or 83+ you get the bare minimum rating from it I don’t know what gives you motivation to make videos and play the game man.. this year I’ve never felt more compelled to kick my controller into another back garden or put it through my tv.. it’s been consistently dead with shit game play, servers and promos

  25. Nep Aren’t these 2 82+ pack is the same and 2 81+ pack. This only makes the price of 82-84 higher but when you do 2 81+ pack it makes gold rare like 1k each

  26. Fifa makes you mentaly ill. Ea keeps promising but never delivers, we should all stop playing for a year you would see how mutch they would change the game then. #fixfifa

  27. @NepentheZ Literally yesterday After Watching your Video, I went on FIFA, bought a 100k pack with coins and pulled prime Icon Moments Luis Figo. I tagged you on my twitter @lit_xyz

  28. The idea with the 82+ double upgrade is that you’ll use the crappy players you pack from the 82-88s to craft the 82+’s for “free”.

  29. 82-88, 9x pack done 9 in row 82 -2 x duplicate then

    82+pack rodrigo and again 82 duplicate how if amount of my gold cards is nearby 0?

  30. Hey nepenthez, love the videos, great content! Quick question, i had saved like 60 packs for totssf and had pretty good luck with a total of 6 totssf players, now i have roughly 20 packs again (not counting division rivals and fut championship coming out this week) should i open these packs or save them for later? How much longer will totssf be in packs for and what is next in terms of upgraded players coming out in packs? I heard you saying something about PL upgrades but don’t know when that will be available and if its worth saving packs from now

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