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106 thoughts on “UNCHARTERED TERRITORY!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep3”

  1. Think something u should consider doing is using one of ur youth players use the focused training from the catalog train him hard to improve his value and rating and then look to sell him as I feel that would be a realistic thing to happen. Young talent comes from small club exceeds the level of the league he is in and then snapped up by a bigger club would also help with ur cash troubles and your not loosing a real Cambridge utd player !! Loving the series aswell keep it up cheese

  2. Yeh play cano and Collins and i never understood how come you didn’t train darling in the first season because he was 59 rated 20 years so he would have had room to grow

  3. You need to start starting cano and conceicao and browne in midfield together and playing maris on the bench
    Great videos 👍👍

  4. FIFA scripting at its best, its infuriating to see slow players beat fast players, and purposely making players do a shit pass but yet on instant replays it shows that you aimed the pass the right way, the list goes on and on. It gets worse every year this game. Best thing is you have improved the team and they are playing ten times worse.

  5. I don’t want to sound like a hater bec I acc really like ches and love this series but it’s good to see that he is struggling and not flying through league 2

  6. Try changing to a 4-4-1-1 with Adeboyejo as a ST, Ngoy at CF, Davies at RM and Delev at LM.

    That way Adeboyejo is your target man and you can utilise Ngoys pace better, when playing the one-two with Adeboyejo

    Also start Cano

  7. Ches I understand your love for Cambridge United IRL players but my God stop supporting Taylor and praising him so much.Goddamnn it man.He is shit imo some good performances doesn’t warrant him a starting position.Cano played so good in last episode and still you ignore all of that and put Taylor back in.Cheers mate ! Fucking hell !

  8. I’d suggest changing formation, you’d be surprised at how changing a small detail affects performances in this game

  9. When u have space and they tackle u in box and u wan the pen it doesnt let u
    But when u are moments away frkm scoring and they tackle u but not fallen down and still going
    They call for pen

  10. Ches, your problem with a striker like adeboyejo is not unheard of. I know there are levels to this, but I was doing a career mode with psg and Icardi was great for me (like 18 goals in ligue 1), but the season after he couldn’t turn past from anyone to save his life.

  11. Every team has their tough times; its about having the resolve to get through it. You’ll bounce back definitely.

  12. maybe turn the difficulty down? I know you struggling makes it a ‘real challenge’, but you have league two teams playing like PL teams.

  13. Why would you play a 59 rated 30 year old over a 62 rated player who’s between 18-20 odd? Doesn’t make any sense what so ever

    • Plus I feel like if you thought you’d finish in mid table in the first season, you should have played all the players under 25 and have them grow for a full season instead of older players

  14. I found in my rtg that it feels like a momentum thing once you start winning your team will also win the sim games only way i found to change it is to grind out a couple results then its like the team gets confidence and starts winning

  15. Ches, the reason you are doing so shit at the moment is because your tactics are so stale, you are playing like you are a PL team, your tactics are all the same, short pass it to the edge of the opponents box, then pass it to a forward player and hope he can turn the defender and get through on goal. That tactic is fine in the PL, when the players have 90+ speed, dribbling and agility, but in league two that shit isnt gonna fly. You use no long balls, hardly any diagonal passing, no crosses, you just short pass it to the edge of the middle of the 18 yard box till your players get crowded out and hounded off the ball by defenders….change it up man!!

  16. Hey Ches! I’ve been thinking about tactics
    Here’s my point: since you don’t really have wingers and seem to be building mostly centrally anyways, maybe try out 3-5-2?

    Knoyle-Maris (Potentially Roles)-Page

    Set Knoyle and Page’s instructions to Come back on attack and Stay wide
    Carruthers and Brown’s Interceptions to aggressive and Cut off passing lanes

  17. I often find that playing players you wouldn’t normally play helps the team get of a bad situation maybe you should play different players instead of the same ones every time

  18. I think u need to change ur formation like maybe a 4 4 1 1 putting adebajeyo up front and ngyo behind and push the wide midfilders a littel up so u can have a bit more attack and mend on the midfield

  19. something like this happened to me recently. it seems the number of times the AI is winning balls because your players AI is ridiculously high since the last update

  20. Try shooting every now and again. Trying to walk the ball in and little drag backs isn’t exactly going to work in league 2. I generally get out of league 1&2 by having shots when you have a bit of space. Keepers are dogger so they have a chance

  21. I know it’s realistic, but this series is going to take forever. Look at the Leeds career, it lasted 7 seasons and they started in the championship. This will probably go until 2030 or above, we would like to see you get promoted this year, or else I might just stop watching until you get to League 1 or higher. I’m sorry ches. I’m not a hater though! I’ve been subbed since 2017 so don’t call me a hater. Also look for Iniesta or Ibrahimovic’s regens. I love the realism though.

  22. You should compare a game from this season to a successful one from last season and try and see what’s different. I presume that’s what a manager would do in real life in the same situation as you

  23. it’s gd that ur struggling cos u have other cm youtubers like mgh that will guaranteed win the league every year and get promoted

  24. Loan in Jerry Yates from Rotherham in January, I used him in my swindon career mod and couldn’t stop scoring

  25. You have to start shooting near post and have to start shooting from distance and shooting from the cut inside instead of passing it off. Main thing is to SHOOT THE BALL!

  26. Your mid field is like a play ground idk why I’m so frustrated rn but you’ve got to switch things up more

  27. I still think 4 3 3 is the way forward, you know the formation better so you’ll probably play better football and it’s just a more exciting formation, you defo have the players for it as well

  28. Maybe try switching to 4231 (narrow) This would help solidify your defence with the 2 cdms. Id play adeboyejo ST, Ngoy LAM, conceicao CAM and delev RAM. Conceicao could contribute a lot more at cam rather than at cm. Could be worth a try. Loving the series

  29. Ches you seem to reach the opponents box then get stuck, maybe try to sit back and hit on the counter giving you more 1on1 opportunities

  30. IDK why but i am not enjoying this struggle!!! i do not know about other viewers but i am most certainly not enjoying this.I think u should just try and change the formation for some games.If it works then great.If it does not i actually do not know whats wrong!!! and this is really painful.i was literally screaming at the screen!!! come on ches listen to this and just change the formation….

  31. try a 5 – 2 – 3 formation.
    Adeboyejo – ST
    Ngoy -LF Knibbs – RF
    So you’ve effectively got three strikers in and around the box, then use your midfielders to pass it into feet or use your fullbacks as width and cross it into the three of them.

    It’s great on the counter and suits your play style ( passing into the forwards feet )

    Might be a bit gung ho. You might concede alot, but you back your players to score more than the opposition like Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle team

  32. Bring in a strong and fast finisher like Elliot List. Your gameplay usually depends on speed and I think some of that is lacking in your squad. Let’s go Ches!

  33. Try a single striker formation as 2 up front just doesn’t seem to work, maybe a 4411 with ngoy at cam with free roam instruction so you can use his physicality to hold up the ball and create gaps. Also with free roam he should make some great runs off the ball to create more chances.

  34. Use tactics “cut behind defenders” on your strikers so they can run deep on the counter because now they are just standing there in your way. Perfect example is at 6:03 where you try to play deep on Lamb but Ngoye is in the way.

  35. I have the same problem but in championship. I just cannot score a freakin goal, but on the other hand I don’t concede either. My matches are literally ending 0:0. My score after 12 matches is 6:4. It’s very frustraiting.

  36. Ches I reckon you do actually try a formation change, followed by altering the team instructions and tactics etc… you should try playing a 5 at the back formation with the 2 upfront because having that extra man back could help in conceding goals. You should also make Ngoy more of a hold up striker and set Adaboyajo to “Get in behind”… this means the ball can get played to feet to Ngoy for him to only poke it around a opposition defender for Adaboyajo. It might not necessarily work but it’s always worth an attempt 🤷‍♂️

  37. You honestly dont need to be in the box to shoot and you don’t always need your strikers to be the ones shooting

  38. Normally if you are much better than other teams they immediately go on the defensive setting, which is generally much stronger than the balanced setting.

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