VOTE FOR NEW KITS!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep6

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VOTE FOR NEW KITS!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep6

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70 thoughts on “VOTE FOR NEW KITS!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep6”

  1. Your CPU shot error is set to 30, that’s why it seems like every shot is going in.
    Honestly, you might want to try changing your sliders. I’ve used the OS sliders from Matt10L on Youtube and the game feels SO MUCH more realistic, yet the CPU is still quite challenging.
    Love the vids, keep it up mate

  2. i love it this way i mean im doing a mansfield rtg myself in real life now an at the first year at divsion 2 i didnt got promoted then my players became too good for division 2 an 1 an i went flying up too the championship (which i dont liked)

  3. I know that Spencer Owen will love the fact that Scott Pollock scored against you Ches. Also why don’t you try and sign him up as he could be a decent squad player

  4. Ches please sell George Maris idk why he’s captain just because he’s a real Cambridge player doesnt mean you have to play him, you have Brown emerging to take his place, Conceicao, Carruthers and Mokeke so you can sell George and get upwards of 1 million for hin

    • He wants to play real Cambridge players… +Conceicao has been bad, Carruthers isn’t good enough to start, Brown starts already often and his gonna sell Mokeke

  5. Love the series, I know you limit yourself to one pre contract signing maybe consider bringing in 3-4 signings on pre contracts as its fairly realistic for lower league clubs to sign players for free. Then once you hit the championship revert back to 1 pre contract signing.

  6. Please give abadía two star skills. It’s realistic because any professional footballer can do a ball roll

  7. You should look at signing Charlie Lakin (CM) from Birmingham City. Starts mid 60s with potential of mid 80s. Also able to loan him I think as well

  8. You cant vote without a twitter so my vote is 4th home kit 4th away kit and 2nd third kit so please do see this and consider as a vote👏 and bh the way upgrade the skill moves and weak foot as it is unrealistic for a player to have arleast 2 star skills

  9. Ches mate, also just a suggestion. Take a look at Vernam from grimsby. He’s an absolute speedster. May be an option from the bench as a reggie lamb replacement.

  10. As long as they’re realistic I don’t mind pre contracts as it fairly realistic for teams in lower divisions with low finances to sign players on free transfers.

  11. You should sell the Brazilian future star (I can’t spell his name) he’s clearly shite and will raise some serious funds

  12. You were the reason I started watching career mode videos Ches. Have been watching your videos for 5 years now. The RTG is something special. This RTG is just nerve biting. Seeing you start off with an amazing first season and now this fighting in second season it is something none of us expected. This is a great career mode 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  13. Once you get to the championship/prem would you change the sponsor of the shirt to nike, adidas, puma etc???

  14. You should have a look at brandon pierrick of crystal palace, starts at 17yrs old and 60 rated but feels really good in game and scores goals. Plays as a RM and ST

  15. Conceciao should be judged when he is actually played at his CAM position, i think judging him so far having on played him at CM where he is relied on more defensively isn’t great. This is not me calling for a new formation but for Conceciao to be given some more time and to stay here until he can be judged properly as he hasn’t had the best of starts.

  16. Ches the inflection in abadía’s name is on the “i” not the second “a” just wanted to let you know you’re pronouncing it wrong

  17. I started a Cambridge RTG a couple weeks ago, I won the play offs in season 1, Dallas Knibbs and Darling were trained a lot and got them to high 60s in the first season! Dallas turns into a beast

  18. Try the 41212 with wingers and play maris cam with brown cdm and drop between defenders so you have a balanced formation

  19. Look at the way your running away from the Ai and how slow their moving absolutely ridiculous keep playing on Legendary Ches. The Ai are moving like Snails. 🤣👌🏻

  20. I think we need to see dynamic traits in Fifa. For example if you made someone captain without the leadership trait, after a few seasons he develops the leadership trait. In real life players develop over time so it wouldn’t be unrealistic to see players develop certain traits that can affect the way they play.

  21. Loving this career mode and you’ve been one of my favourite YTers since Fifa 15! Even inspired me to do some videos

  22. Fantastic series! Love the ups and downs. Only suggestion is to possibly edit your youngster with 1 star skills. Realisticly no outfield player will have that poor of skills. Maybe upgrade skills as his dribbling goes up?

  23. You should change Abadias skill moves to 2 stars. It’s only more realistic for a striker to at least be able to do a ball roll and a drag back

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