we need to talk about fifa 20 gameplay…

FUT Millionaire Review – Best FIFA 20 Autobuyer
we need to talk about fifa 20 gameplay…

► we need to talk about fifa 20 gameplay…
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57 thoughts on “we need to talk about fifa 20 gameplay…”

  1. New comment layout sucks. Fifa sucks. But Leemrr is great so… swings and roundabouts.

    Also 2:16 that is extremely offside…

  2. It feels like the game decides who wins before the game begins. I won something like 20 from 23 in head to head seasons across quite a few days, maybe a week. Came on a few days later and suddenly, same tactic, can’t do anything. Players are static, Verratti outstrengths Van Dijk, Bernat outstrengths Henderson. It wasn’t to do with division because I played 5 and won 5 in Div 3 before taking a break for a few days.

    Also I started up my FUT after a couple months, after resetting it for a new challenge. After playing FUT for a couple days, the aforementioned problem occurs again. Wahey.

  3. Fifa 20 has problems. Pace is overpowered but at the same time just bloody useless. Everyone should just have 99 so it correlates to how the game works

  4. It’s too bloody easy to score in this game. Stats don’t count for anything ,once a player has speed . They seem to have every other stat they shouldn’t have . The rebound goals are too frequent .

    A defender will get the ball and then pass it back to an attacker . Tackles don’t work .

    The gameplay is absolutely ridiculous , ball physics make no sense . 8 out 10 times , when you clear the ball out of your box , the ball goes straight to your Opponent’s midfielder , they don’t have to run to go the ball you cleared it just goes straight to them.

  5. This is what happens when no one gives PES a chance

    Whatever your opinions are on PES the fact it FIFA needs it if its going to improve, why should EA invest literally anything in their product when they almost have a monopoly? It’s all well and good to pick apart PES for its antiquated menus and fake team names but as things stand it’s literally FIFAs only competition, if no one gives it a chance then FIFA gets all the money, and you get the exact same problems in FIFA 21, 22, 23 and every FIFA until it gets some meaningful competition.

    Most of the teams in PES are there, its only really England Spain and Germany and that the licenses are lacking and even then United Arsenal Barcelona and Bayern are all there and even then its not like you can’t rename the teams. Yes the menus suck, I won’t argue that, but dyou know what doesn’t? The actual game, skill actually matter. By all means go on ignoring pes but if you do don’t expect literally anything to change for FIFA

    • Well said, this is just the result of monopoly and no competition

      Pes isn’t perfect either but it is also not as money hungry as fifa either, you can build a great team in pes without spending real money and less grinding as well.

      Ea has so much money to spend so we expect a better game from ea more than konami but its the opposite

      Again, pes isn’t perfect either, if im being honest pes is a lesser evil than fifa because there is scripting in pes as well and some players using game’s broken points to gain advantage like long ball spamming and etc but that’s mainly due to the players.

    • Pes is the best of a bad situation, I know it has its issues, but it’s better than this, we need a 3rd option, made by a company that truly love the game. EA and Konami are not the guys who should be running this, FIFA is a complete disaster and while PES is better Konami do not have the balls to put the effort in to compete for the casual audience, things won’t change while everyone buys fifa, and everyone won’t stop buying fifa until things change

  6. To be honest if everyone subscribed to this channel does’nt buy fifa 21 this year , all 27,000 of us don’t buy fifa EA will get it into their thick money crazed skulls they might actually change , the internet mocks us for buying a game that all they do is change the number on the cover and makes it slightly worse

    • Unfortunately 27,000 to EA sports is maybe 0.1% of the player base? The only way this gets better is if we see a sustained migration to pes of people who are sick of fifa

  7. I don’t get how 50 pace defenders catch up to 95 pace attackers… but then my 70 pace defenders can’t catch up to 70 pace attackers

  8. If a game goes to penalties i just quit i have no idea how to score them. I can get the circle green right in the corner and the keeper just gets it in fact wherever i shoot its a save.

  9. I think another huge problem of the game is when a card “ages”. I can pick up a Mané and score 2+ goals a game and run past the back line with ease. Then give it 10 games and the card is useless. They are non existent and you can’t even put a shot on frame. Has anyone else experienced this?

  10. I got an 97 alison in my rewards and i wasnt even happy i honestly jus dont care about this game anymore it just raises blood pressure and leaves u feeling mad like u on a roid rage loool

  11. Ive told my family to sue EA if i have a stroke playing this god awful scripted game..just cant string play together consistently. its not about whos the best.its who is not worst

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