we PACKED a TOTSSF from 24,000 FIFA Points…

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we PACKED a TOTSSF from 24,000 FIFA Points…

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Hello and welcome to this video with me, Nerdfire. In this video, we managed to pack a TOTSSF on #FIFA20 Ultimate Team!
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100 thoughts on “we PACKED a TOTSSF from 24,000 FIFA Points…”

  1. I got a 100k pack from fut friendlies and got 82 promes. I open a prime electrum players pack and get 89 firmino like wtf ea

  2. This is a different foment from all the other ones but I want to say that I am starting a new YouTube channel. So please show me some love and subscribe to me. I will be really motivated if you do!

  3. I appreciate that you uploaded this video less than 2 hours after TOTSSF got released. That shows how determined you are to achieve your goal and keep up the great work!

  4. I got 3 in 14 saved packs… I think I’m on the red list (also considering I packed 91 Koeman earlier in the year from a 25k pack)

  5. How this guy doesn’t have 100k subscribers I don’t know he uploads nearly 3 times a week with good video ideas and a great personality love the vids keep it up 👍

  6. I have never packed a promo card this fifa apart from totw obviously but I presume that means I’m not going to get one but I will comment again if I get my first promo card!

  7. I finally got permission from my mom to buy fifa points and I didn’t get 1 walk out or anything the best I got was an 84 and my team is TRASH😖

  8. I opened 28 packs and spent 1k fifa points and not even a walk out my 28 packs were like jumbo rare two 50 k some 7.5k and some electrum and some mixed players but 84 was the best rating thx ea

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