What do you get from 100,000 FIFA Points on Team of the Season La Liga Packs

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What do you get from 100,000 FIFA Points on Team of the Season La Liga Packs

What do you pack from 100,000 FIFA Points on TOTS La Liga Packs?
Can I pack 99 TOTS Messi + 99 TOTS Varane from 100K FIFA Points?
Are 100,000 FIFA Points worth it on TOTS La Liga Packs?

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FIFA 20 Team of the Season

99 TOTS Lionel Messi

TOTS La Liga

100,000 FIFA Points

La Liga TOTS Pack Opening

Team of the Season Pack Opening

La Liga Team of the Season

FIFA 20 TOTS Pack Opening

TOTS Pack Opening

Team of the Season So Far

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119 thoughts on “What do you get from 100,000 FIFA Points on Team of the Season La Liga Packs”

  1. Fifa myth: Real Madrid is the first team in Fifa History to have a full squad of special players (23 different players with special cards)

  2. I actually got a prime icon moment and an Tots in one pack, I’m really lucky this year! I wish everyone of you good luck as well💪🏻

  3. So tired of EA’s BS, my exams are coming up, I can’t play FUT anymore coz I need to focus. I have 12.4 million coins, DM me @eatjourtumatos (Xbox)

  4. 3:53 – decent tots
    5:42 – Best tots by far
    9:28 – La Liga Tots
    10:15 – U cannot pack him twice
    11:11 – Decent Tots

    Thank me with a like

  5. matt you can never complain about the state of the game if you’re going to buy that many fifa points, it’s people like you that allow ea to just be lazy as they’re still making ridiculous amounts of money

  6. Nobody:
    Matt: Today is a massively insanely special day
    Me: well what is tomorrow gonna be then? A supercalifragilosticexpialidocious day?

  7. I don’t get why fifa youtubers get so excited after spending 100,000 fifa points and receiving a TOTS, that sorta reaction is more suitable if you received an insane blue outta a free pack or a SBC pack. But if you’re genuinely dumping loads of real cash into the game, you deserve to pack good cards, you shouldn’t even be surprised. Just my opinion.

  8. It may sound stupid but Don’t know how come to you is showing that you can open 44826 wherever jumbo rate packs and to me dosent show anything?!

  9. Guys how do I actually get better at Fifa?
    I was 8-7 (15 played)
    Then we I logged in again it says I had 14 left so took a game from me and now I’ve just lost 6 in a row. So 8- 14.
    8 games left and I need at least 3 wins but I don’t think I will, how do I get better??????

  10. Packs open:
    Flair tots:
    Flag Argentina:
    Position RW :

  11. Lol i selled my whole team i opened 4 100k packs not even a walkout and then i got a untrade 25k pack and i got odegaard rip coins

  12. FIFA myth: this is the first FIFA where a team is dominant in TOTS in having 7 players (bpl Liverpool)

  13. These are the packs
    0:56 decent walkout
    4:03 2 tots
    4:38 meh walkout
    5:12 troll tots
    5:46 sick tots
    7:36 good walkout
    7:56 decent walkout
    8:12 sick walkout
    8:49 meh walkout
    9:06 meh walkout
    9:38 good tots
    10:17 sick tots
    11:00 sick walkout
    11:20 troll tots

  14. “A massively insanely special day”

    In a year it is going to be a massively insanely amazingly extremely bloody frickin’ special day

  15. Fifa myth: if Federico valverde get a totssf sbc card, real madrid will become the first team to reach a full team with 100 chem using only his players:
    Regulion (loan)
    Ødegaard (loan)

  16. Oh my days goes on in my head over and over again. I almost never found what it meant because I’m American

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