Why Were These 23 Icons REMOVED From FIFA 20? (Ultimate Team History)

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Why Were These 23 Icons REMOVED From FIFA 20? (Ultimate Team History)

Why were these 23 icons and legends removed from FIFA 20? (Ultimate Team History)
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All 23 Icons REMOVED From FIFA 20 (Ultimate Team History) Ranked Worst To Best –

In this video I’ve put together we look at why every icon and legend removed from fifa ultimate team in the past from FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, FIFA 17, FIFA 18, FIFA 19 and FIFA 20. Potential FIFA 21 Icons!

Icons & legends in this video

– Legend Romario
– Legend Beckenbauer
– Legend Weah
– Legend Bierhoff
– Legend Suker
– Legend Seaman
– Legend Futre
– Legend Pauleta
– Legend De boer
– Legend Effenberg
– Legend Fowler
– Legend Ljunberg
– Legend Neville
– Legend Sheringham
– Legend Brian Laudrup
– Legend Valderrama
– Legend Brehme
– Legend Baia
– Legend Lalas
– Legend Donovan
– Legend Carragher
– Legend Solskjaer
– Legend Icon Van Basten



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24 thoughts on “Why Were These 23 Icons REMOVED From FIFA 20? (Ultimate Team History)”

  1. I think the valderama one is just a funny excuse, ive seen him in game back in 15 and gullit has a larger hair… so lmao for EA… and would defo love to see valderama back again!

  2. Im danish and its sad that brian laudrup was removed but michael laudrup was a much better player and a bigger icon. They probably removed him because they didnt find the need to put him in and pay for him, but i wish he returned.

  3. The van Basten makes no sense!

    A solid man makes one bad *joke* (not a crime) and immediately apologies and the oversensitive US community decides to remoce him

    Mardona, known for all his parties an coke addictions and playing his part in the drugs world (which is a crime) can stay in the game

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