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  1. Day 3 of saying this:
    Dubravka is a very good gk but he’s 30 and because FIFA is broken, he will probably start decreasing in rating. I think u should maybe take a look at Bernd Leno. He’s relatively young for a goalkeeper, he’s 6’3, he’s 85 rated and has a little bit of room to grow with 87 potential. He would also weaken a Premier League rival in Arsenal. He’ll probably be a more likely target for next season tho.

    Like so Cani can see!

  2. i feel like cani was never bored in the house🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  3. After this Newcastle career mode. Can you do a career mode with a Swedish team? That would be fun to see.

  4. Wow you are an amazing unbelievable YouTuber and I’ve been watching you Since you had 50k subscribers and I wanna say you are the best

  5. You should do a very unique objective for your next objective where you have to assist an assist with a player. Just an idea and if Cani sees this I love your content

  6. Can sign Maddison he crushed you take Liverpool for example
    Van dijk
    Oxlade chamberlin

    • Daniel Weightman no hate lol but he can’t afford any of those but minanino and ox and at a huge push Maddison and the others r old or too expensive

  7. Sign Adama Traore from wolves he is a 5’10” right winger with a 4 Star skills and only two star week foot- but he has an average of 96 in his speed stats along with 86 strength- he is only a 78 overall but his potential is in the mid 80’s
    Like so Cani can see


  9. This series is not realistic. Johnny is signing young talents whereas in real life Newcastle would go for older players.

    • He sign Volland Phillips and Waris we need some future too if we buy older player the future is not gonna be really good for newcastle

      Sorry for bad english

  10. I suggest that you should get Dani olmo he is 20 or 21 years old has a really good potential and he can fit cam position really well and is a box to box midfielder like so cani can see pls

  11. FUTURE SIGNINGS?!?!? Later on in the future of the Newcastle career mode you could buy players like: Billy Gilmour or Karamoko Dembele or Angel Gomes. This my 7th day commenting this😂!!
    👇LIKE so Cani can see Plz🙏
    👇👇👇thank you

  12. Who likes Cani’s background Songs ( if this gets 100 likes Cani has to add the BG songs to his Description so we had Look em up and Listen to them!!!)

  13. Cani can you make new kits for next season to spice up the creaer .And if that’s a yes can you make them now please so there won’t be delay. Like so Cani can see !

    • You can’t score from crosses in Fifa and i dont want Cani to be bullied because crossing too much like MGH did

  14. A good way to score free-kicks is to go for a low driven free-kick and go for the opposite side of the wall . You should use it around the 19-25 yards. Wall is on the left side go for the right side. Also use a player with the foot of the side your aiming at. Do not use the button B but use the RS and go for full power. Like so Cani can see

  15. How the hell yesterday’s Benjamin episode got less than 10k views. It was an amazing episode. Where are u cani’s viewers. Also watch his Benjamin series , it’s amazing

    • Mate, I’m a Cani addicted viewer since Fifa 15, I’ve watched nearly every video since then and even tho the Benjamin series was amazing, since towards the end of the Liverpool spell It got kinda boring, I was losing the interest episode by episode and now I barely watch it. It sucks but unfortunately some things go off sometimes.

  16. Cani, you should sign Samuel Birindelli next transfer window, he is cheap, and has decent potential and can play cdm or cb or lb/rb and is pacey. Like so cani can see.

  17. Next season, you could use Dubravka in a swap deal to try to get Rui Silva, 6 foot 3 inches, has good potential, 3 star weak foot and has an expiring contract next season. Also, you could sign Buta or Montiel as a backup for Lala, as they are both pacey and have 90 stamina

  18. Loving the series , I’m taking tips for the series im doing so I really appreciate the effort you put into entertaining us ❤

  19. Go for Nelson from arsenal
    Plata from sporting
    Damm from Tigres
    Barco from MLS
    Cervi from Benfica
    Baro from porto
    Tete from Shakhtar

  20. Please not Greenwood, every career mode under the sun has this guy in it on YouTube. I like this career mode cuz it’s different. I am still loving this series tho. Like so Cani can see. 👍

  21. Try to sign Dimitris Limnios he is a left
    midfielder and right midfielder if you train him he could be incredibly and a very pacey players he starts at 73

  22. Sign morelos, Kent, Camavinga , tsygankov, Adam hložek and sheplev to be as an substute or even at starting eleven or include them in a swap deal between player that you don’t need or sell warris tsitaishivilli to sign these players

  23. Cani, you should sign Josh Sargent, the American from Werder next transfer window, he is pacey and can back up for almiron.

  24. Cani in the bench warmers rule it says “20 goal contributions” aka 20 goals or assists but you are only counting goals. Like so Cani can see!

  25. Bryan Mbeumo is a good young winger he is 73 rated and has a potential of 85
    Or you should get Pedro de la vega another winger at 71 with a massive potential of 88

  26. Joelinton has improved so much when he has came on as a sub, I think you should have kept him and gave him a chance. Like so Cani can see 👍

  27. Im sorry to say this mate but as a newcastle fan n seeing what youre doing to this team has made me sad you’ve gotten rid of the players that make it newcastle like dummet n shelvey n you’ve kept jack fuckin colback sorry pal i do enjoy your content but this is a disgrace to newcastle.

  28. Great series as usual Cani but would be good to try and sign higher rated players as squad is really weak.

  29. Cani, i gotta say it again, go for Corona, I know his name his shit in the current circumstances, but his about 25yo, 80 rated, 5 star 5 star, good pace, amazing dribble, and he can play RB

  30. In my career mode, I signed Oxlade Chamberlain and Pierre Emile Hojberg, I highly recommend Hojberg and maybe even James-Ward Prowse next season.

  31. cani buy Adam Reach.He is 26 years-old and 73 rated at the beginning he is a beast in real life. He can play RW/RM/CM

  32. Cani, can you please edit the players’ positions like Saint-Maximin who only has RW position on him so that he can grow. Give him a LW position and a RW position for Almiron.

  33. ansu and brahim is almost the same and can play anything and have high potential so either one is good but i more coomfortable with ansu cuz of his dribbling and aglity

  34. Hey Cani, sign jesus corona he’s a mexican with 5 star skills 5 star weak foot and can play Right Back or Right Mid and RW

  35. For the wing position get Youcef Atal, 5* weakfoot or Keita Baldé Diao, he is a striker but can play on the wing aswell.

  36. You should sign uriel antuna to be a back up he has a potential of 77 but is extremely fast he is 20 and played for la galaxy he can play LM RM and RW his value is only 1.2 mil

  37. you could get dominic calvert lewin who plays for everton potential 84 cost £14 million or Lafont who plays for fiorentina who potential is 88 and cost £13.2 million

  38. You should get Mexican striker Jose Juan Macias he has potential of 84 20 years old has a High/ medium work rate and 3 star skills and 4 star week foot

  39. U should get kumbella he’s a class defender in the of the he’s 70 rating but I think he’s potential is 90

  40. cani sign chellini from juventus on a pre contract sigining … you then can sell lascelles and play chellini in season 2 which give godfrey and salisou more time to grow and be a popular centre backs
    like so cani can see

  41. Cani if you give the instructions for aggressive interceptions because for my Newcastle career mode he was so bad at first and then when I did that he became a beast so like so Cani can see

  42. Buy a Goalkeeper called Alessio Cragno. He has a potential of 87. Give your starting goalkeeper. Part exchange.

  43. Cani go to the cataloge by going to the menu and pressing r3. Then go to find a top talent. This will find an amazing young high rated talent.
    Like so cani can see

  44. Cani you should sign Jonathan David. He Canadian and I’ve got him to 93 rated on a couple of career mode in only a few seasons.

  45. Please sign Josef Martinez so Almiron can have his best friend back from their Atlanta days, he’s cheap and 84 potential!

  46. Why don’t you before signing a player check if he has an in-game scanned face? English football has a lot from many youngsters too!

  47. Cani get Robert from real Betis he’s cheap and high potential also has 5 star weakfoot. Like so Cani can see👍

  48. You should not have sold joelinton because when your losing then when you sub him on he will come in clutch and the youngsters don’t have that much experience and joelinton does

  49. Sign amuzu 4 star 4 star incredible speed I grow him to a 93 rated player can be a heart sub with a nice 3 mil release clause like so cani can see 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  50. Should get Jesus ferrira I remember when Cani was tearing up teams with him in the orient career mode like so Cani sees

  51. Cani u have 21 Million remaining so you shou sign a player right now and they will join next season otherwise all the money that you right now will be wasted like so cani can see

  52. I dont know why everyone in this comment recommending a young player while in the start of the series Cani say not wanting to buy a high potential player
    Like So Cani Can See

  53. i have literally never signed a player without a proper facdscan in fifa .. they look so different ….

  54. Cani if you need a centre back go check out ake from bornmouth he is very good i can tell from own experiance
    Btw love your vid keep doing goog work amd making good vids

  55. Honestly Cani you should sell dubravka he’s aging a lot and not making any decent saves. Go and get a young decent goalie that can rise to the occasion like lunin or lafont

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